The truth (about the history of Blitz)


dats hw u type on msn m8.


My nickname for a long while after that episode was goody poo shoes. Disgusting eh?


Could have been Doody Poo Shoes, … should be thankful for small mercies. :smirk:


Hi pre hi!


Anyone remember Hawks Heroes? Was a special kind of special


Everytime I read this thread title, … I hear this old track in my head.


She was a little “different”


Good to see you back, G.


Pfft, he’ll be gone for a few months after this. The Mrs’ won’t allow for this much internet access.


Strangest opposition supporter ever. Was like a female version of pazza but without the comprehension skills but overly nice to the point of it being wierd. I think Blitz ended up savaging her after a bit LOL.


She was ok if you ever met her. Just a bit simple. But she never fitted here.


hello there.


does WOB go for West Coast now or something?


Try doing one in the royal.


Does THE VIC count as a night club?


I knew a bloke who managed a quick one in the corner pocket of the pool table of a pub in protest at being barred from the joint.


Thats a death sentence.


‘Know a bloke’ you say…


The pazza fireball thread was truely epic, best lolz I’ve had on blitz. It was almost like he was channeling the ‘ive seen things you people wouldn’t believe’ closing monologue from Bladerunner


Whatever happened to “Patrick”? You know, “how many goal joe kick” - he’s etched into the lexicon of Blitz, after only being here a short (but glorious) time.