The truth (about the history of Blitz)


“The flame that burns Twice as bright burns half as long.”

Very true for blitz.


He’s one of Findingnino’s friends. Genuinely mad bomber fan just like the rest of us.


Just as an aside… I’m hoping (and expect) that anyone with Wob’s contact details has reached out to see how he is. Things can sometimes be worse than they seem.


yep, I did :slight_smile:


Bomberdomination_18 and Cool Dude, ah the good old days


He seems alright on the socials. Looked to be having a mini road trip and enjoying himself.


For wob, is a mini road trip a trip to Adelaide or somewhere like that?


He’s fine.



I think he’s trailbiking through Siberia until this whole thing blows over.


Whatever happened to the Blitzer known as Cranny Pete?






They’re fine.


He was even banned from Hawk Headquarters. He was the guy who broadcast Darren Goldspink’s address etc.


Where on Earth is that video of Paul Chapman’s head revealing itself out of the chapstick tube?


Hawks Heroes sounds like a BigFooty poster who was obsessed with umpires. And kinda simple. I wonder if that was the same person.


Knew an umpire. Batting order didn’t get to number 11 (or number 9 in your case).


(It only occurred to me now that pretty much everyone on BigFooty, especially Hawthorn supporters, are “kind of simple”)


Pretty similar here


Can’t believe WOB actually carried through with it. Thought he’d be back quickly.