The truth (about the history of Blitz)


Probably made a fake account anyway.


He’s actually enjoying himself. His blood pressure is back to normal, and he is still talking footy, just not with the mania you get around here. Seems pretty happy.




The truth is…WE drove him away. It was US. He had to get away from us. That is what we do to people and it’s not pretty.


We did no such thing.


Wobs been one of the worst offenders of what you’re banging on about.


The truth is that this is the truth.


It’s about as fake as yours.


You’re right - most of us were enablers.


So was he. We had a good chat about it. He felt his emotions were way out of control, and he was way too invested in what after all is just a game of football. He needed to get away and stabilise his own life, and his own behaviours, which he is doing. He’s a good man WOB.


Can confirm.


Just a game???


Can happen to anybody


Just need a few more coins for that.


It’s sport entertainment. Don’t get too invested.


I reckon Russo is booking it. So many random swerves that make no logical sense.


Russo is awesome. He wrote the best period ever.


Don’t make me go all Cornette on you.




WTF did I create, a all in love fest? FMD, Well, life kinda got the best of me. This thread was an embarrassment, il cop that. Probably had a little truth to it, but yeah, the timing was off after the Collingwood loss

The truth actually is, I needed any reason to get angry, and get out what I was feeling. I was in a ordinary spot, I had a LOT of things going on and I was using anything to get angry at to release

For the last six weeks, I’ve spent less time watching footy. Only really Essendon games. Really pleased with how we are tracking. It’d be a real shame to miss the finals, as we can play some scintillating footy. I have no doubt in my mind that this club is heading in the right direction. My passion for Essendon will never waiver, and the blokes at work are sick of me banging on about how good we are so I need this site to tell you lot how good we’re actually going. I’ve been on here since 2003, that’s a fkg long time. I love talking footy, as do you all

I went down to local footy a few times and became a runner, I have talked to people about better ways to control my emotions - going from highs to lows was killing me. But I’m in a good spot. I’ve now got a great partner, work is going great and I’m loving my footy more than ever

Go dons, fk I hope we beat Richmond. It’d literally be massive