The truth (about the history of Blitz)


Good to have to back mate.


Good post WOB.

Glad you are finding ways to find balance, always hard in this world.


Original post was 90% truth. WOB is a neal rigga.


Welcome back.


Welcome back mate.




Glad you’re in a good place. It’s hard to find sometimes.


Welcome back!

Love your passion, glad to hear everything is going well for you


We’re all in this together.

Go Bombers!


I’m trying to think of something scathing to write… as it will make you feel more at home than all this lovey dovey crap above.

but nothing comes to mind.



Hi WOB :heart:


Awesome post. Welcome back. Go Dons.


Removed that extra t for you wob.


You’re a fkng legend for this.

Not that you weren’t kind of one already, but yeah.


Awesome, mate.
Rapt to see you back and in a good head-space :slight_smile:


If I looked like K Rogers, I’d get around with a massive grin too.

He’s one handsome …


It’s one of the all-time great dials.


You don’t need to apologize or explain yourself to Blitz. We are all one big disfunctional family here.


There is nothing better than a good ole WoB rant on Blitz, but i thought you were a bit tongue in cheek with them though too. So hopefully they are not completely gone, as long as personally you are in a good place again.

Be honest it was the DJ King thread that brought you back though.


Welcome back :clap:


Everything you said was spot on Wob, perhaps just not the abusive slinging afterwards.