The Weather Thread (not allowed to talk about rain)


happy spring.


Nice bump!


It’s still minus something last night.
I figure if I say it’s spring I might feel warmer.


Where was the summer bump?


What do you think about Nar Nar Goon?


Must have missed that post.

Pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before somewhere, but it’s an Aboriginal (Bunarong) word, meaning “Land Of Wind & Rain”, … & I can tell you, it well lives up to the handle.


Thanks. So what do you think about Nar Nar Goon?


Nice place, … hardly the weirdest town name down this way though.

It’s neighbor, Koo Wee Rup just for starters. :slightly_smiling_face:



Nothing beats that.


You from around there by chance?

Had some fkn full on and incredible nights in Poowong.

Back in the day, we had these “Mad Hatters Balls” once a year out there for about a decade. Town of 200 exploded to 2k or more for the weekend.

Lucky to survive a few of them.

Choosing to drive home from No 7 & going off the road in the hills between there and Korumburra was something I was going to mention in the “Stupidest Thing I’ve done” thread.

How I’m still here, God only knows. Crazy times.


Not from there.

Someone else told me the town name a while back and I didnt believe them.


A seriously glorious day in Melbourne.


Windy as fk down here now, gusting at about 35 knots. Ruined a good day on Westernport.

Whiting were on too, stuff it. :roll_eyes:


Perfect day for the hot rod parade.


I’m guessing Gay Mardi Gras was already taken?


Yep, yesty was very nice too.

Next week looks more of the same.

Meh, Rain.


I like summers to be hot.
It’s hot.
So I’m happy.


Pretty much everywhere, it’s gonna be hot.
So I won’t need my jacket!


This thread is sh/t


quiet, rain boy.