The Wrestling Thread



No, long gone. He bought the NWA name… not sure anyone would have noticed if Bullet Club/AEW hadn’t given them a couple high profile title matches though.


I was thoroughly sports entertained. But I’m freaking scared of being kicked or kneed by Charlotte, she hit a stack of beautiful ones in this.


Lol just read online some guy tried to tackle Bret Hart during his hall of fame induction speech… what is wrong with these people!


Apparently Travis Browne (Rousey’s husband) got some early hits in on the “fan”.

And Dash Wilder farked him up later (maybe a tad late).

Bret and Nattie are fine.


The New Day jumped straight in as well.


Better view. Guy had a death wish. Browne in the brown jacket, Harry Smith (Davey Boy’s son) in the gold pants with some big hits too.


Did anyone watch it on the WWE network?

Did they just cut it, by going to a commercial break?


They went to black and then some crowd shots.


So I’m trying to be a dodge c*nt and join the WWE network for the free month trial (and watch Mania for free) but it declines my card and won’t let me join. And yes before you ask yes it’s a valid card and yes there’s heap of money on it. Is it an aussie thing?


Have you used the card on the network before.

Because they don’t let you get the free month, if you’ve already used that card.


Nah I’ve never used it before on anything WWE.


Serves the guy right. Going to get banned forever, cop a massive fine in court and probably got multiple concussions. What a tool. The funniest part is they probably messed him up even more once they got in the back

Also lol at the guy in the yellow pants who gets about 5 shots in, even big grabs him as if to say “ ok dude don’t kill him”


I’ve never really given much attention to NXT take over, so don’t have anything to compare it to.

But I thought it was pretty good. I lost attention by the end, I thought the matches were abit too long. And had gotten tired with it all.


Good to see Chyna finally acknowledged at the Hall of Fame.


Sad that the scumbags in charge waited until she died to let her in.


Longer video. Guy got heat, two assault charges (third degree), and farked up. Possibly a WWE run-in repeat offender.


On review, Shane McMahon was the quickest. Watch out Miz.

Don’t want to go on about it, but something like this is interesting as it does tell you a bit about those who got involved (and how) and those that didn’t.

e.g. everyone knows Big Show is a softy but Harry did appreciate him afterwards for trying to stop him from killing the guy.


I was thinking the same thing.

I thought it was Stowman. But it makes sense that it was the Big Show.

I thought New Day were BOG at the Hall of Fame… sitting behind the inductees doing their speeches, and having a heap of fun with the cameras. I also loved the bit where Tori Wilson mentioned being a part of every boys puberty, and the New Day gave a standing ovation. So funny. Then their faces were priceless when Hulk Hogan was speaking.

Then Didn’t hesitate to jump in the ring to pull Natalya out from being trampled and tackled.


Anyway… day off work & set for 6 hours sitting on the couch!