The Wrestling Thread


My based-off-nothing take is that they are moving away from script writers and having producers/agents lay out matches & segments & storylines.


Having people who know about wrestling suggesting what wrestlers do?



Sadly I can report Mikey Nicholls is still waaaay too boring to be a member of TMDK.

He won his first match out of the WWE tonight at MCW in clobbering style but showed close to zero personality in doing so. He’s a decent-size unit, you forget how much size inflation there is at the WWE.

More importantly his video explicitly labelled TMDK as The Mad Don’t Kneel. Better not mean anything legally! His tights still said The Mighty Don’t Kneel, though.


India ruined for me: saw a guy on the morning metro watching a “Great” Khali clip.


I’m getting more and more intrigued by AEW.

I reckon many of the out of contract WWE wrestlers will be snapped up. The fact Jericho is there, gives the company far more weight and legitimacy than normal.

WWE will be declining, until HHH is given the creative reigns to the company.


India ruined for me: saw a guy on the Delhi metro watching a “Great” Khali clip.


Just heard of it, sounds really good. Backed by Billionaires, wrestlers, Jehrico, Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes etc. Hopefully it really kicks off, thought the Jehrico/Omega fued was outstanding in terms of build.

And couldn’t agree more about WWE. Triple H will save it, but will await the death of Vince K McMahon first.


I’m keeping tabs on it. But I also remember in the early 00s when TNA/Impact was going to be the next thing and look how that played out.


They’ve shown they can do it with All In…
I think as long as Hulk Hogan doesn’t get a call up, it should be fine…more or less. It’s good to have another option too.


Elliott Sexton signed by NXT!

If they let him be heel, he will make a boss TMDK tag team with Jonah.

(They can be funny as hell too, but Sexton’s matches as a face have never impressed me.)

Apparently the remaining boring member of TMDK has been mix-tagging with Ripley at house shows; sign her up and TORTURE MURDER DEATH KILL the rest of NXT, thanks.

But don’t take Slex.






Can they get the rights to sex bomb for his theme, absolutely perfect theme and I miss him using it haha