The Wrestling Thread


If you want to know that you’re gonna have a nice spot on the card after a boring period so your match looks good, have it a good 20-30 minutes with huge intros then just make sure you go up against Tripe H and you get all these things and more…also get free sledgehammer p*rn that was mildy fun 5 years ago but now is a parody of a parody. The man gives himself royal mania treatment every year.

The Kurt Angle match was trash and losing to fcking Corbin who’ll be released in 2 years more stupid. Also Kurt’s lisp went from barely noticable to now worse than Swaggers…No one likes Corbin, he’s a woeful heel and looks fcking sh*t. Anyone on the card would be better choice than him. The Samoa Joe match was fine if it was to make him look strong but we all know he’s stuck in midcard hell now so it’s pointless.

Tag matches stock standard. Orton/AJ slightly above average, maybe.

Lesnar/Rollins was good out the gates, finally a result which means the title scene isn’t fcked.

Best matches were Shane O’Mac and Miz. Definitley had an old school feel and watching Shane do his stuff was excellent, I didn’t expect much but it was excellent. Kofi/Bryan was also very good as expected and got the right end. The girls match I spaced out but was good until the end. Charolotte had a fantastic intro.

Basically the WWE way is have guys that are hot, give them ■■■■ fueds in the middle of PPV’s and then no one cares anymore. Case in point, Strowman who went from potential Mania headliner to not even on the fcking show.


P.S. Don’t watch RAW. The crowd was right to call BULLSHIT on that ending; and they weren’t talking about the heels, they were talking about the company.



I reckon Ambrose is giving it away. I’m thinking he might be done with the business and won’t be going to AEW.

I’m sure WWE will ask him back for a pay per views in the future, but I reckon he is done with full time. At least if he just does just pay per views he’ll be treated like a headliner.


Ha, I didn’t need to watch indy shows to see Brooksy: he got a couple minutes of screen and even a fragment of talk time on the Hall of Fame red carpet show. Looked and sounded like a dork from Dingley.


I was watching RAW last night and stayed up for the main event as soon as the extra stuff happened I turned it off and went to bed.


I was actually glad they ruined that main event on Raw… I was certain they were going to strip Kingston of the Belt after 1 day.

The bar coming out made no sense tho.


Buddy Murphy seems to heading back to NXT and a fued with my boy Velvateen Dream. Shut up and take my money


And then mocked either the people on the end of that light or the light technicians on Smackdown. Ha.


RIP Miz, Ricochet (no freakin’ lasers!), War Machine War Raiders The Viking Experience (legit WTF on that name change), Cedric Alexander (how does he still have a first and last name?!?), Andrade and Zelina, Rey, The Usos, Sami, EC3, Natalya, and AJ.

Well, AJ might get a decent run.

Eric “2 names” Young gets out of the neglected Sanity, I guess?

And a few others I don’t really care about.

Not sure I’d want to trust Lacey Evans to hit that moonsault on me. Nice this time, but we saw at the Rumble that she can be a serious unco.

Bit awkward with Zayn failing to burn his home crowd though. That’s not a compliment you want.


Finn can be an emergency for the new Smackdown Six (if we can scrounge up that many by the end of the show). Had a good couple days.

Credit to the person with the ‘Man of the Year’ poster.

LOL Bayley. She switches and the crowd boos her before she says a thing. They gave freakin’ Billy Kay more love than her!

Not Sky Pirates… boooooooooooooooo. Oh well, I guess Asuka gets to do something.

MATT SILVA! You’re in The Six.

And Chad Gable swapped off-screen.

Bu no, it’s all about face Reigns.


Meanwhile, Luke Harper publicly requests out.


Hopefully people are interested in big men who can work.