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I think the new Bray Wyatt stuff is amazing and all from his own creation. Basically trying to get to you through your kids and hide his evil through a friendly facade. At first glance it’s a silly “kids show” but look deeper… it’s supposed to give off creepy vibes of his past, and gets darker every week. All the “friends” are takes on past characters, and this week he had the burning alive house painting that he once mentioned… and at 2:50 with a sudden serious face “all you have to do is…let me in”.


Well… this is interesting. As I recall Mr Moxley isn’t one to splash money around, so presumably someone else paid for this expensive video… Some might read the double dice near the end as a clue.


Double dice has to mean AEW double or nothing show

The show is May 25th

There is a 2 and a 5 dice…


If you haven’t already, dig around Youtube for the Bruisermates stuff she did with Pete Dunne.


He’s very good…



Following Ashley’s recent death (suicide?), her affadavit from the concussion lawsuit against the WWE was re-released by the lawyer who ran it. Extract below. Holy ■■■■…

And this two weeks out from the WWE taking their blood money from Saudi Arabia, and telling the women to suck it up.

Far worse than the severe physical damage that was inflicted on my back, neck, ankle, leg, knuckle, and any other body part from wrestling, the worst injury – to my mind, my body, and my soul – that I sustained while working for the WWE was the result of an experience I suffered in 2007 in Kuwait. I am a strong supporter of the US military and was always very enthusiastic when given the opportunity to do something to help the men and women fighting overseas for our freedom.

I am also very friendly and personable by nature so I developed a strong rapport with the many veterans and active service members that I encountered in my work with the WWE. As a result, I was one of four performers chosen to go on a two-week tour in support of our troops in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. The other performers in attendance were Maria Kanellis, Ron Simmons, and Jimmy Hart. Gary Hart was also in attendance in a supervisory role.

While I was initially thrilled to have this opportunity, I began experiencing issues from the outset. At the beginning of the trip, I received harsh treatment from several men in Saudi Arabia, even while wearing a burqa. Maria Kanellis did not receive this type of treatment, so I suspected that it was related to my fair skin and light eyes. This made me very uncomfortable, but I brushed it off and was still looking forward to the tour.

Then, after we had arrived in Kuwait, I began to suffer from menstrual cramps. I had asked to rest in the Humvee, which was air-conditioned during a break, and the US Army soldiers insisted I was suffering from dehydration, notified Gary, and insisted on taking me to a nearby military base in Kuwait. I was told at the base that I needed an IV for dehydration. I protested but they insisted that I needed it and it was very common due to the hot weather.

When I arrived at the sickbay, an IV was placed in my arm almost immediately. After sitting with the IV in my arm for what felt like hours, Jimmy Hart came to check up on me and make sure I was ok. I told him I was fine but that they wouldn’t let me leave because they said I had to wait to see a doctor. Jimmy said he and the rest of the group were going to get lunch and left.

Another couple of hours went by and then a man appeared in the sickbay, dressed in an orange t-shirt and cargo shorts, and I had heard others comment that it was his birthday. He represented himself as a US Army doctor but I observed that all the other doctors at the facility had been wearing scrubs so I do not know whether this was true. He was with a woman who was dressed in full military fatigues. While I was still in the sickbay, he approached me and almost immediately administered an IV of an unknown substance in my other arm. Almost immediately after, the alleged doctor and the woman in fatigues moved me into a room that did not appear to be a treatment room and placed me on a table. The woman guarded the door while the man proceeded to inject me with a drug that caused me to be unable to move my body or to scream.

The man then proceeded to violently rape and sodomize me. I was completely helpless to defend myself against this attack as the drug he injected rendered me temporarily paralyzed. Despite being unable to control my movements, I remained fully conscious for every second of the attack. I felt excruciating pain as a result of this man penetrating me by force and against my will, in a violent and aggressive manner, while I was completely defenseless. Each second that went by was excruciating and I have never felt more helpless or been more terrified in my entire life. The experience was a living nightmare.

I don’t know exactly how long this went on for but if felt like an eternity. The suffering I endured far surpassed all the injuries I had ever suffered in the ring put together; I was experiencing not only severe physical pain but severe emotional and psychological trauma. I have always considered myself to be a fighter and survivor so I can’t even find the words to describe what it felt like to be thrown on a table and stripped and then brutalized in the worst possible way that one human being is capable of brutalizing another – all while being unable to move or speak. In addition to the pain and terror, I felt almost dehumanized, and was extremely disturbed by the feeling that I was somehow given to this man as some type of sick birthday present, and it also made me sick that the female soldier willingly guarded the door for him while he raped me without blinking an eye.

Finally, Gary returned and was banging on the door. The man and woman yelled “one minute” and threw a dirty quilt on me as I was lying naked on the table, and when Gary entered the room he attempted to ask them what was going on but they immediately stormed out. At the time, my body was still limp and my speech impaired, so Gary wrapped me in the quilt and carried me out to the Humvee outside and took me back to my hotel room and then put me in my bed, as I needed to sleep. Gary said to call when I woke up and that he, or one of the others we were traveling with, would come back to get me.

Three hours later, I woke up suddenly and jumped out of bed and had regained the ability to move and speak. My mind however could barely process the fact that I had just been drugged and then violently and brutally raped and sodomized repeatedly by a man who was celebrating his birthday and claimed to be a US Army doctor. I also felt a sense of abandonment and wished someone had just stayed with me at the base as this likely would never have happened had I not been left there alone.

Shortly after I woke, Maria appeared in my hotel room. She had heard from Gary that when he picked me up from the base, my body was limp and my speech was impaired. I explained to her that I was injected with an IV of an unknown substance, which left me unable to move or scream, and then was sexually assaulted. She was very sympathetic and nice when I told her what had happened.

She then relayed this information to Jimmy, Ron, and Gary. I then met the rest of the group because we had to head to the next location on the tour schedule. Obviously, given my mental and physical condition, and that I was in Kuwait and the group had to leave for the next destination, I was not in a position to stick around by myself and have a rape kit administered. While en route to the next destination, I told Jimmy, Ron, Maria that I did not want them to tell anyone else was had happened. They agreed to respect my wishes.

Finally, the tour was over and we were in Saudi Arabia and about to get on our flight home via London and my ticket was inexplicably missing. We couldn’t get another ticket and Gary could not get in touch with WWE’s travel coordinators to get me a ticket on their flight. Their solution was to leave me in Riyadh alone and put me up in a hotel by the airport. At this point, I had already given the burqa I had borrowed from the US Service members back to them and they had left; Riyadh was the location where I was harassed at the beginning of the trip when while wearing a burqa; and I had just been drugged and viciously raped.

I could not believe that anyone would expect me to stay there overnight alone given the circumstances. Nevertheless, Gary and rest of the group left and got on their flight. I could not believe what was happening, but there was no way I was staying alone in a hotel without a burqa in Riyadh for the night so I called a friend who is a travel agent who arranged for me meet an airline employee who by some miracle got me onto a flight. Thankfully, I was able to return home, but I was still incredibly upset at the fact that I had been abandoned in a dangerous situation by my colleagues who knew what I had just endured, and thought it was inappropriate that even the WWE office, while not aware of the rape yet, would think it was a good plan for the rest of the group to leave me alone there overnight.

After I returned to the US, Dr. Rios set a meeting with me and questioned me about the incident. I have no idea how he knew anything had happened. I suspect that either something showed up in my drug test results, one of the other individuals on the tour reported it to him, or he could just sense from my demeanor that something was wrong. Regardless, he told me that I needed to tell him what had happened. I finally agreed on the condition that he not disclose the information to anyone else and told him what had occurred.

Dr. Rios then informed Vince, who informed Kevin Dunn, John Laurinaitis, and several other company executives or lawyers that I had never even met but were all present at a meeting that I was called into shortly after. Vince led the meeting with these men and asked me to recount what happened in Kuwait. Then he said it was not in the best interest of the WWE for me to make the information about my attack public. I was still completely traumatized at that point and I just agreed. It was clear that there had already been a conversation and that they had reached a decision on their own prior to consulting with me as this was not a debate but rather Vince instructing me to keep this confidential.

Vince did at least apologize for what I went through, but then stressed that if I disclosed this incident it would ruin the relationship between the WWE and the US Military. He told me not to let one bad experience ruin the good work they were doing. His lack of sensitivity in referring to my ordeal as “one bad experience” left me speechless. Vince went on to say that I would not be required to travel to the Middle East ever again and that the WWE would institute a new policy where any time a female WWE performer went to the Middle East, she would have a female WWE escort with her 24/7 to ensure this did not happen again. This did not make feel better about the situation. It had already happened to me and the damage was already done. But again, I felt so defeated at that point that it seemed pointless to protest. I also admittedly was uncomfortable with the thought of all the wrestlers finding out so I asked Vince and those in the room to keep the incident quiet and they agreed.

At the time, I was completely traumatized and had literally no support. I also had no evidence as I was unable to have a rape kit administered and did not even know the name of my rapist. I was also not in the appropriate mental state to determine the proper channels to go through to report a crime that happened on a military base in Kuwait and was committed by a man I could not identify by name. Given my condition, I simply did not have it in me to go against the wishes of the WWE and to attempt to pursue the matter any further and I remained silent. The easiest thing to do seemed to be to try to pretend it didn’t happen (which of course ultimately never works).

This experience was by far the most traumatic and emotionally damaging thing that has ever happened to me and it and it haunts me to this day. People often speak of having nightmares where they are being attacked but for some unknown reason are unable to scream or run. This happened to me – in real life – and I can’t count the number of times I have relived this incident in my mind. Obviously, I should have received counseling or therapy after the attack, but neither Dr. Rios nor Vince had even suggested therapy or counseling of any sort and I was forced to deal with and live with this incident on my own.

I felt that that Dr. Rios, as he had been in all of my interactions with him, was sympathetic and would have liked to do more to help, but he was under the thumb of the WWE, and in particular, Vince. In the past, when I had been injured, Dr. Rios had administered cortisone shots and prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxers for me, but I imagine he knew these were just “band-aids” used to allow me to continue to perform in the short-term. Dr. Rios had said at one point that I really needed a break, given the number of injuries I had sustained over a relatively short time span, but his advice was ignored by WWE. As Vince demonstrated when he ordered the crew to prematurely saw a cast off my hand, he was not concerned for my health or safety and was only concerned about putting on a show and making money.

Vince approached my rape in the same manner he approached all wrestler injuries. He did not want to damage the reputation of the WWE by making them public knowledge, so he exerted extreme pressure on us to stay silent, to perform whether or not it was safe to do so, and had almost no regard for our well-being. We were treated as replaceable commodities. WWE’s top priorities seemed to be generating profits and avoiding liabilities, regardless of how this affected its workers.

As an aside, I kept my silence about this incident for years – at first because of pressure from WWE and fear of losing my job – and then because I felt like it would do little or no good to report a rape that occurred years ago in Kuwait by a man I could not identify. However, when I learned that the WWE had been concealing the risks of long-term damage from repeated head injuries, and thought back to how WWE has a culture of silencing and mistreating its performers; and how as a result, so many men and women today are either dead or left dealing on their own with the horrific aftermath of their injuries, I became angry. I am angry that WWE doesn’t educate/inform/train its performers. I’m angry that WWE silences its performers. I’m angry that WWE puts its performers in dangerous situations. I am angry that WWE fails to provide appropriate treatment when injuries occur. I am angry that I’m already suffering from long term effects of in-ring injuries which may get worse over time and that WWE disclaims responsibility. This pattern of behavior illustrates a lack of concern on the part of the WWE for the health, safety, and well-being of its performers, and I broke my silence finally because I thought my story would help shed light on what I view as an important cause that has deeply affected me personally and so many others. WWE has utterly failed in its duties to promote and protect the safety and well-being of the man and women who dedicate their lives to the business, and it should not be permitted to continue to sweep important issues under the rug. Finally, I hope that telling my story may cause a young person aspiring to be a professional wrestler to think twice and consider the realities of the situation and not make the same mistake that I did.


20 year anniversary of Owen Hart passing. Still so sad to think about.


Seeing that Lesnar wins money in the bank… this is the reason I have given up watching this sh*t.

It was a disgrace what they did to Strowman, when he won it.


Double or Nothing this weekend will save us all



That whole Ashley story is just further proof of what an outright dirtbag Vince is. He couldn’t care less about his employees only about his money

When he dies there is going to be sooo many stories coming out about him


The time has come to jump ship.

MOD: AEW spoiler below

I left WWE when Ambrose left. He was the only thing that kept me interested in WWE, aside from the Women.

Hello AEW. I’m sold.

Edit: there was vibes of Stone Cold with this. Especially with JR on commentary. Moxley is gonna own this company.


And my longer comments on Double or Nothing below. It was good, and in at least one match, epically great.

Pre-show: Starts off with some pretty clunky commentary (um, whose turn is it to speak?). For a company who is going on about “wins and losses matter”, it’s kinda comical to put a legless guy (not even prosthetics!) in a royale/rumble. How am I meant to take that seriously? Having said that, that match was entertaining: MJF has insane heel heat and Luchasaurus was a fantastic big guy (I’m glad the character didn’t totally disappear after his abrupt death on Lucha Underground ).

Was a bit surprised the pre-show started with many empty seats. It’s not that long a card and it’s not a casuals crowd.

The main show starts with pyro and jokes about companies “rounding up” attendance numbers. Hi WWE hi.

Did that free pre-show sell what AEW is, and why you should buy in? If you hadn’t seen The Elite series online previously, you’d be wondering what the hell those last few minutes were, and not likely impressed.


Christopher Daniels does a decent Freddie Mercury cover. The man is very multi-talented.

Not 100% sold on the cinematography, but it has WWE covered easily enough.

All six men looked like stars in a hot start to the main card (well, until the post-match trip by Daniels, LOL).

Kylie Rae vs Nyla Rose vs Dr Britt Baker

Put a proper backdrop on the commentary team, thanks.

(The angle of that shot does not re-appear in the rest of the show; the replacement looking down on the commentators with their backs to the table is not much better.)




Yeah, I popped, big time for that inclusion.

Sure, the Welfare Queen took it relatively easy (not having had a match for nearly two years), but still added to it.

Baretta/Taylor vs Angelico/Evans

No prizes for guessing which of these two teams I prefer. Remember, kids, huggers never win.

Wait, what? “The Best Friends” (urgh) hugging is worthy of a Rainmaker-like camera zoom? Yeah nah. But both teams do have fans here.

WHO ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? Well, they have some nice finishers.

ALL OUT is on August 31 back in Chicago. I predict it will take less than 29 minutes to sell out this time.

I haven’t been paying enough attention to see if the TNA-style entry tubes separate heels and faces.

Joshis and our second 6-(wo)man match for the night? Very Japanese.

Aja Kong & Yuka Sakazaki & Emi Sakura vs Hikaru Shida & Riho Abe & Ryo Mizunami

Aja’s not moving too well, though :frowning:

Aja may have got some through the door, but it’s the “unknowns” who convince the crowd that THIS IS AWESOME.

I legit laughed out loud when the ref objected to the repeated Kobashi chopping in the corner, and she got a polite apology before it resumed again.

Oh man… that back drop driver by Aja. And she kicked out!


Turns out people you’ve never seen before and don’t speak English (here, anyway) can tell a very good story. That was great fun.

Oh god, their teleprompter has failed. Ross not good at covering that up. There’s gonna be plenty of production learnings from this show.

Rhodes v Rhodes and Hebner as ref. Crowd is keen.

Cameraman apparently looking at the wrong tunnel entrance… ha.

OK, so Cody leading with an anti-HHH message? Sledgehammer to destroy the throne?

Cody being a piece of ■■■■ early. Beat him up, Dustin.

Dustin obliges.

They incidentally show the BellRinger of Doom when Cody leaves the ring to powder his face. It’s the Pacific Islander (?) who was with TNA for ages, mostly appearing as head of security. Anyone know who it is?

Brandi! That’s very naughty.

And again. Throw her out! YOU’RE OUTTA HERE!

That gave time for Dustin to blade, a lot. Now the non-painted side of his face is completely red too.

This ain’t WWE PG.

Blood is POURING out of his head. There are ponds of it all over the canvas.

Crowd are losing their ■■■■ here. Kevin Rudd’s little sister in the front row is in shock.

Cody has the blood all over him too. Ten minutes on and it’s still dripping out. You’re a novice, Muta.

The story of this match (not brother v brother, but generation v generation) made the ending obvious in the context of launching AEW, but boy the crowd want Dustin to win this.

The post-match scene may have left me blubbering. Ditto the commentary team. The Rhodes family IS FINE.

Revealing the AEW belt is THE BEST THERE IS, THE BEST THERE WAS, THE BEST THERE EVER WILL BE. He’s got a bit of a limp :frowning:

MJF is soooo much money. People want to see him beat up.

Unfortunately that distracts from the actual reveal of the belt… it is very big and very gold, which I approve of.

Lucha Bros vs Young Bucks © for the AAA Tag Title

The Bucks come out in Vegas Elvis jumpsuits — I approve.

Oh Fenix: springboard back-kick springboard springboard hurricanrana. He’s quite good.

At some point they swapped out the bloodied canvas. Phew.

You’re gonna need more than a combo Powerbomb/Sliced Bread to win this.

The outside of my left leg hurts just watching Pentagon pick it apart. And then he does a cheap knock-off of the Dingley Destroyer on the apron… boooooooooooooo.

There is an insanely long highlights package after the match… this match was pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

Alpha vs Omega II (Jericho vs Kenny, winner meets Page for the main title at a coming show)

Jericho’s entrance includes a series of fakes portraying various stages of his career (including The List).

An early top-rope drop kick (?) from Jericho busts Omega’s nose.

Hey, I thought this was a straight match — Jericho brings out a metal table… and it backfires badly as Omega hits him into it with multiple leaps from the ring.

Ref says “I’ll allow it”.

Jim Ross: “that may be the toughest table in the world”… that’s just shameless begging to be in Botchamania.

Later, we get a “Chekhov’s table” line from the commentary — nice!

The most inevitable thing ever still got a huge pop: g’day Moxley. And now we know our double main event for the next show.

End conclusion: didn’t dislike any of the matches, loved some of them (particularly Rhodes vs Rhodes). There was a very wide variety of styles, and the crowd ate them all up. We wait to see if that eclectic style persists, and how many external cameos they continue to call upon, when they become a weekly TV show later this year.


sorry @theDJR totally forgot about Spoilers


Have you watched the AEW PPV @Dunlop?


Really great starting point for AEW. Really hope everyone checks it out, way better product than WWE and way more adult in content. Liked the PPV, probably shouldn’t have positioned the Young Bucks tag match right before the Jehrico/Omega match in hindsight due to crowd fatigue.

Chody/Dusty obviously a classic and Jehrico/Omega was good too. Maybe going forwards not have what was it 4, 5 tag matches on the one night? Seemed overkill. Otherwise it was excellent with only minor issues throughout, crowd went nuts for Moxley and I loved the promo from MJF who I haven’t seen much from before but he cut a brilliant heel promo. Hangman Page should be huge too.

Next PPV going forwards looks massive, Chody/Dusty vs Young Bucks & Jehrico vs Hangman Page & Omega vs Moxley? + Pac? Will be interesting to see what WWE does from here.


I heard Cody v.s Dustin was a bloodbath. Might have to check it out, love seeing blood in matches- always adds to the match/story


Bloodbath was an understatement, it was POURING out


Now the stage has been set, watch the WWE talent jump ship now.

The opportunity to have creative freedom and be paid better than any other indie org, they will be turning up in droves.