The Wrestling Thread

I love the fact that AEW are going massive in the UK. Almost a guarantee that they could sell out Wembley.

The fact they have done it before WWE, is awesome.

Summerslam 1992 says hi.

Its old Wembley but still :grin:


It’s likely to be in the top few wrestling crowds of all time!

WWE must hate the contrived event on top of the below list :rofl:

jeez super showdown sticks out in that list

wrestlemania, wrestlemania, wrestlemania, house show, wrestlemania, wrestlemania…

The weird Wagga Wagga hosting NJPW thing has fallen over… but they’re getting IMPACT instead!

Still bizarre.

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nah as far as “what the fk are they touring here for” goes nothing will ever top flo rida in ballarat

regional city sport tourism investment was always going to cross over into nerd events at some stage. expect to see a comic-con like event happen in like orange or bendigo in the next couple of years.

i also wouldn’t be surprised to see wwe have another ppv in aus soon. probably brisbane or adelaide.

Can we please take the belt off Bianca im so over her Iyo should have won

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After watching Raw last night, it’s evident that Vince is back.

It’s back to the old predictable formula.

Love the totally under-stated way Miro and Rosa returned to AEW TV.

Next week’s related HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT is not exactly much of a secret.

There was one or two matches i couldnt care about but over all i thought it was ok.

I’m tipping AJ vs Rollins for the title.

Nino likes Fark Carlton and Vince.


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Kalisto vs Mick Moretti

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First off, vale ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham.

Second, NJPW Strong ‘Resurgence’ was fun.

  • Not so fun: they’ll let anyone into TMDK nowadays.
  • If you didn’t know who Stephanie Vaquer was… well, now you do. Nice match vs Mercedes Mone, as was (to a lesser extent) the other semi-final leading to tonight’s main event for the new Strong Women’s Title.
  • Fred Rosser vs Juice Robinson was a prolonged Street Fight, with things getting messy towards the end.
  • Aussie Open drop their NJPW and Strong Tag Titles due to injury :frowning:
  • Moxley/Yuta/Umino vs Okada/Ishii/Romero was balls-to-the-walls awesomeness. Angry Okada matches are fantastic.
  • Even Ospreay can’t drag today’s Tanahashi to an interesting match :frowning: – and Ospreay is either a fantastic worker or legit popped his shoulder at the end.
  • And your NEEEEEWWWWW champion: Willow Nightingale! The end was messy, when Mercedes slipped from the top rope and appeared to legit bust her right ankle. She worked through it for a minute, but two bombs later (neither of which she kicked out of) and it was over. Crowd was not just Mone stans. YOU DESERVE IT.

They went heavy on the line “it’s not the title making the women; it’s the women making the title” and they delivered on that.

The venue is atmospheric and the crowd went off for minutes before the main event even started; pretty sad they didn’t fill it, though.

Well, some good news for them: Aussie Open is All Elite.

And apparently they paid for Mark Davis’ surgery.

Night of Champions:

  • Holy hell, the “tell don’t show” approach and epileptic camera-work is off the charts.
  • They can do a whole episode of Botchamania for Trish. Not clear who to blame for the hard-way blood at the end of the match, though.
  • The Saudi crowd give fewer than zero ■■■■■ for the Belair/Asuka match.
  • Surprisingly, the direction does not even attempt to disguise how bad Belair’s punches are.
  • HOLY ■■■■! ASUKA WON!

  • Kayfabe booking a wrestler with a (very recently) broken arm in a match: way to cheapen him previously legit fighting with no pec. And then commentary trying to justify him bringing in a titanium cast to hit Brock with.
  • The crowd is not dead: nice WOOOAAAA-OO-OH for Rhodes.
  • LOL. Zero pain when hitting Brock with the titanium, after selling agony because that arm lightly touched the mat during a suplex.
  • “Did Brock make a strategic error when he broke Rhodes’ arm?”… this is sooooo embarrassing.
  • Kimura: “Brock Lesnar is going to try to break his arm” :crazy_face:
  • Cody is in the kimura for 2.5 minutes and that’s not enough. It’s hard to ruin Brock’s aura, but this is a bloody good attempt.
  • Again with the gross inconsistency as to whether his arm hurts, with further heavy strikes using it.
  • The match was hilariously funny, but in a credibility-destroying manner. I gave up listening to Jim Cornette many years ago, but I hope he totally loses his ■■■■ over this match.
  • Syrians are OVER, especially when choosing the right gear to come out in and speaking Arabic.
  • Heyman on auto-pilot: Roman is not “defending”.
  • Is that… finally… progress?… on the Bloodline story? and geez Roman knows how to take a long nap when required story-wise.

Don’t follow or care much for wrestling these days but Really enjoying watching the old Wrestling Challenge on fox. Pre WrestleMania 3. 1986. Ah those were the days.


But holy ■■■■, those last three matches were awesome.

  • Enjoyable Battle Royale to start with.
  • Lots of TV-worthy matches and skits.
  • Karen Jarrett guitars Aubrey Edwards… I did not have that on my bingo card.
  • Jeff Hardy can retire, because Wardlow has his trademark move covered now. THE power move was pretty impressive too. I also did not have Arn Anderson biting half of a finger off on my bingo card.
  • Billy Gunn being the designated Hot Tag guy in 2023: well, actually you might have predicted that. But not before late last year.
  • FINALLY… Kris Statlander is back! Crowd lose their ■■■■ when the bell rings to resume the the very-long-form storytelling. She’s the 1 in the 60 and 1.
  • There is no good order for the last two matches (I write before they occur).
  • Well ■■■■ (I mean, congrats). Tay is pregnant. Crowd was classy enough to stop booing Guevara upon that announcement, at least briefly.
  • The bit where the Four Pillars successively pulled out the moves of their mentors (Scorpion Death Drop, Code Breaker, Kill Switch, Cross Rhodes) was cool.
  • Yes, this match is spot-y, but they’re all good enough to pull it off.
  • LOL at MJF doing a “broken arm” spot (see the earlier comment about their mentors). That is GOLD.
  • Crowd boo Perry for not using the belt to win.
  • That was a sensational 28 minutes.
  • I’m not going to try to tell the story of Anarchy in the Arena. But that exploding sneaker, WTF. You may have heard me say this before: not on my bingo card.
  • And the spot that led to: no no no no no no that was awesome.
  • Retrospectively: yeah, those last two matches were in the right order.

Wow. San Diego REALLY hates Don Callis.

Pretty much 100% Okada is at the very least part of the June 25 PPV. But do we get Ibushi too?

Also, if I was Tony Khan I’d have cut that short announcement all the way down to “Collision… C. M. Punk… [mic drop]”.

Finally got around to watching DoN.

That was such a fun show.

If AEW do a CM punk vs elite storyline straight away, I’ll definitely be watching. Out of all the possible angles in wrestling, that is the one that I most want to see