The Wrestling Thread


…but for some reason didn’t feel as ‘special’ as other take overs.

That U.K. Championship match tho. Wow.


Re: the end of Takeover

First the Festival of Friendship, and now this. Fks sake. Can’t we just be allowed to be happy?


He even saw it coming :frowning:


Appropriate theme song for the show…


DIY’s match at TakeOver Brooklyn will be MOTY



LOL at Randy’s face when he thought he’d broken the second Singh’s neck…

Dunno if anything good will come of it, but that anticipatory pop and the reaction shots were gold.



Hmmm. The first-ever Australian NJPW tryouts are scheduled for Melbourne on August 19.

Same night and location has Will Ospreay confirmed for his second MCW show. Guessing we may see at least Bad Luck Fale too.

[Update: Jado and Gedo definitely coming to Melbourne.]



Did not seee that finish for Extreme Rules but excited to see Summerslam now.


Damn it. Now I gotta go watch it.


I did LOL at the ReignsHasCooties statement at the start of the match, too.


Money in the Bank comments below. It was a fun show. Sometimes five matches plus a toilet break is OK.

[spoiler]Women’s Money-in-the-Bank match opens. Pressure much?

They weren’t worried. Had crowd hot from the start, fun match. The end with Ellsworth getting involved was gold: nuclear heat, then a total reversal to YES YES YES as he climbed, then back to heat when he drops the case to Carmella. Dunno what the refs were arguing about, that’s a legit win by the rules. Could only have been improved if Carmella had given her friend that is a boy a (chaste) victory kiss.

Feels a tad odd to go from that to Kofi not being in a MitB match… but hey, he’s no Shelton Benjamin.

FFS, I see Shelton wrestled in Melbourne a few weeks ago. FFS.

(BCW have an international guest or two pretty much every month. No idea how they afford it.)

Tag match result was the correct start to the feud (well, maybe some chair shots would have been more emphatic), but it still sucks given the crowd remained hot.

Ms Rusev’s debut singles WWE match wasn’t a disaster. Carmella’s mid-match trolling was fantastic.

FASHION VICE with Paul E’s eighties mobile phone. They desperately need to come out to In The Air Tonight later on.

MARIA!!! And Bennett, oops Mr Kanellis. Crowd cheers Maria, and boo her handbag.

Jinder defending the title half-way through the show… hmm, don’t think he’s going to lose this. Especially with Orton in his home town!!!

Geez, umps are suckers for home crowds. Those Singh boys were being very polite.

Very deliberate repeat of the nearly-killed-him toss into the commentary table. Not botched this time. That’s funny ■■■■.

And the finish is an overt repeat too. Not so great. But suffer, St Louis, DON’T HINDER THE JINDER.

They’ve given Mahal very little to work with since he became champion (well, supposedly Vince McMahon is directly writing his promos, which explains the lack of imagination) but you can’t say that wasn’t an entertaining defence.

The Ascension: yeah, crowd clearly sees this as the toilet break match before the main event, no matter how much the Fashion Police have got themselves over recently. And still no American Alpha.

MitB (mens) match time. They placed the ladders to try to force Owens to walk over his own projected face, but he slips under a ladder to beat that trap. Love his dedication.

Nice early entry, Corbyn. Kills Nakamura on the entrance ramp.

Another referee debate over rules? Pls. Shut up and ring the bell.

Nice “CLIMB FASTER” poster.

After plenty of spots, AJ reverses his way out of a second slam through the propped ladder… and climbs…and is left hanging. For a moment, you thought he was going to climb the rope and undo the case while up there for a truly unique win… but no, THUD all the way down. Definitely not his infamous Ultimate X flip, but OW…

Which sets up the big favourite in Corbyn to climb the ladder… but HIT THE MUSIC for Nakamura’s return.



They set aside the ladder to face off, and the crowd respects that. They’ve legitimately got no preference as they slog it out.

THIS IS AWESOME the crowd chant, for the first time since the Womens MitB match.

AJ STYLES NAKAMURA: the chants are even as they eventually climb.

BOOOOOOOO as Corbyn dumps the ladder and both of the crowd favourites. And climbs. AND CAN’T OPEN THE CLASP.


Eventually he works it out, and wins.

Talking Smack: thank fark Daniel Bryan is back next week.[/spoiler]


Anybody see the Okada vs Omega New Japan match from about a week ago? Do yourself a favour, absolutely unreal.


They just can’t help themselves repeat something that works over and over and over.

Festival of Friendship has now come to both DIY and E&C. Why?


Doing the ending old-school.

P.S. Fark Cody. What the hell was he thinking?


Where do you watch the Japan stuff?


Don’t forget Golden Truth too.

Why won’t WWE let us have nice things and be happy




RAW needs to make sure that Shesaro and Hardyz are the only tag teams, and shall fight forevermore. Well, except the Hardyz, given Matt is away due to the birth of Prince Wolfgang.


DIY’s the bigger problem. There’s now two tag teams in NXT.