The Wrestling Thread


They need to send Enzo to 205 Live now. The Cruiser weights need some serious star power and charisma.


And then he does… what? Is a mediocre wrestler, from what I’ve seen.

(I’m not averse to managers returning… Ellsworth is doing well.)


Enzo is fine on promo but needs work in the ring. Wouldn’t object to him going back to NxT to get his singles game right.

Agree with rolo. Tag team division is a huge problem right now in NXT.


I agree his wrestling is average.

But that show is seriously lacking. If it wasn’t for Neville, they would have axed it already. I fast forward every time it’s on Raw. They either need to get Enzo involved in someway, or incorperate it into the main roster and story lines.


Think you can get buy ppvs on njpw’s website. Shouldn’t be too hard to find a torrent either. If you’re interested look for NJPW Dominion show from 11 June 2017 and check out the main event.


Lesnar and Samoa Joe so far has been pretty awesome.


Yep. They’ve done the build up right. Which means dropping the ball on the execution. Joe better get that damn belt and play Lesnar’s character but actually show up each week.


Samoa will lose clean, nothing surer, sadly. They’ll save any belt change until Summerslam.


Yep. Raw’s been ham strung by part timers with the belt since February but they won’t change a thing.


The thing is they don’t need the belt on Lesnar to make him important, and they don’t even talk about the belt for the “making the belt feel important” schtick to work which is what they’re doing. Someone like Samoa booked right as champion would be amazing.


No #1 problem here is Vince rarely likes calling audibles and putting the belt on Joe would be an audible - he is set on Brock-Roman for the belt AGAIN at Mania whereby Roman beats the unstoppable Lesnar…the story he wanted to tell 3 years ago before others [Trips] talked him out of it and Seth cashed in instead. If he doesn’t get talked out of it again, I can see him being adamant that Brock keeps the belt until Mania to make Reigns winning more important.

Current planned SS main event:

Brock vs. Braun


And did you hear that reaction Braun got against Roman? My god haven’t heard a pop like that for years.

I’d have Braun beat Lesnar clean at SS. But I’m a huge mark for Braun, I just love a big guy that can actually move. I just hope they make Samoa not lose clean, give him a reason to be angry but not to look weak. I can handle losing but Roman or Heyman do something to distract him.


Braun is the best thing thats happened to Roman in years. They’re great together.


They need to build up Braun and Lesnar for Wrestlemania. It would be huge. They can seriously build that match months out.

It seems to be the way they’re going with Lesnar is MMA style matches. No heel, no face. Just straight up head to head spectacle of different fighting styles.


And then Reigns runs in and squashes them both, right?


Yeah even the marketing for Joe/Lesnar is UFC-looking.

The further we get from WM, the more I think Lesnar/Berg was the best match of the night. <10 minutes of high impact spots. Would love that from Braun/Joe/Lesnar too.


Joe-Angle in TNA was a reasonable MMA-style build/match all those years ago.


They need to cancel all future plans and just have a 3-4 months of these 2, I’d pay:


Yeah just finished watching that. I really, really hope they stick the landing.


Yeah, sucks that this is just a one-off because that’s the fued I’ve wanted to see Lesnar in for ages. Goes to show just how bad Reings/Lesnar was, where they ended the go-home show to Mania by pull the title from each other.