The Wrestling Thread


Yep. Straight out this into Roman/Lesnar.



Slammiversary was very decent.

The first half of the show, in particular, was fantastic.


Apparently Asuka doesn’t really want to return back to NXT… Bit of a fluff piece.


God I hate the generic forgiven heel ■■■■ they persist in giving Rusev. Legit thought he’d be booked properly on this run but nope he be getting squashed by big part time match John.

Instead of going down the predicable foreign heel gets squashed on July 4th angle why use July 4 to further cement Jinder as a main eventer by having him go over Johnny boy.


Meanwhile, in Albury next Saturday:

You better believe I’m going to see Chavo…


20yo Demi Bennett from Adelaide is in the WWE Womens’ Tournament. Decent size, cute, definitely a better wrestler than Peyton Royce was when picked up. Has wrestled at MCW and OCW a few times.

Not as good as Kellyanne, though.


Austin Aries requested his release from WWE which was granted. At a guess it is probably a “I see myself as a main star not a cruiserweight” issue.

Also WWE did a belt switch at a MSG house show: Styles beat Owens


Aries is boring as hell. Nothing of value was lost.


I wish they’d get rid of Lesnar and just leave him as a Wrestlemania showcase match, now that Undertaker has retired.

He does nothing for any title, but keep it off TV. Plus he won’t do anything new with his matches.

Edit; and I’m sick of both brands only having heels carry all the titles.


How dare you gloss over the phenonemal man in Red and Black.


Roman (if he’s out of jail) and Lesnar can curtain-jerk Wrestlemania. The crowd want Strowman and Joe.


Roman / Strowman / Brock would go alright.

Also if attempted murder isn’t Roman’s heel turn, it never will be.


They be ramping up the teasing of the broken gimmick on raw.

Just ■■■■■■■ do it


Apparently Talking Smack was cancelled personally by Vince because of the ‘lack of scripting’. Apparently. And they didn’t tell Renee or Bryan it was cancelled.

All of the cluelessness.

(Maybe he only watched Shane episodes.)


Shane and 205 Live conspired to ruin Talking Smack.

It was the best/only character development in WWE over the last year.


It MADE Baron Corbin


It re-made Miz.


So was that a rehash of the illegitimate son angle?


Surely the only point of this story is to break up another face tag team, and push the hoss of the pair?


Feels like a rehash of the Bob Backland/Darren Young angle for mine.