The Wrestling Thread


Watched the UK specials yesterday and today. Cracking stuff. Worth watching the 6 man tag from day 1, and pretty much all of day 2. Takeover-level quality.


Yeah that thing kinda came out of no where. Need to check it out.


Not a fan of this year’s decision to shuffle the first round out to matches held elsewhere, and to release it independently. That weakens the narrative that a good tournament provides.

Results spoiler:

It’s a little weird to have a New Zealander man and Australian woman come second overall, even if they are/have long been the figureheads of the biggest UK wrestling company.

It’s a shame the WWE went out of their way to spoil another certain result (that Moustache Mountain won and then at some time in the airing future lost the tag titles). It was awesome though.


So who’s off to SSD? I’m up in the cheap seats


Considered it, but $40 for top of the top deck? $100 to watch on the big screen? Yeah nah.


Yeah Level 2 seats because that’s what the mates wanted.

I couldn’t care less where I’m sitting. Being at a live gig >>>>>> watching it on DVD and I assume the same will apply to this.


I’m not flying down to watch Undertaker. They need to announce better.


I’m in the cheapos too. Nuggs? 40 bucks for front of the top deck. I’m pretty happy with that.

I give no farks about being able to watch the in-ring action. I’m there for the entrance music, bravado and generally the stupidity of it all.

My plan - watch entrances and be stupid, and go to get beers during the actual wrestling bits


Nah, went to Global Warning and have the comfy chairs to prove it, but won’t bother with this one. I fully expect this to be another Saudi Arabia (just with women), where its just another glorified house show with that level work-rate, and the wrestlers get to pocket a nice payday.


I’ve never been to a live gig, because I didn’t do it when I was a kid, and you know, I’m an adult now and haven’t really watched it for like 15 years.

But I’m excited regardless to see what the atmosphere at a live gig is actually like. So many dumb bogans in one small space - should be interesting…


So is this a proper PPV or is this just an “event”? (aka Saudi) ?


That’s why i went the cheapies. I aint paying mania level prices for ground floor at what is essentially a house show.

Going for the spectacle of it being at the G




Do you really want the nosebleeds at the G to watch a house show?


Yeah and you never know they could have learnt from the saudi show and put on a great show but then again Vince McMahon.

Just give us an NxT takeover trips


It’ll be like GRR. No title changes, advancements or conclusions of any stories.


They’ll put the CW Strap on Matt Silva (i dont call him buddy fucking murphy) to pop the crowd and have him drop it back next 205 Live


What I’m saying is if you’re gonna go then go for good seats, but f*ck paying money for nosebleeds for a houseshow.


I went to Global Warning, ground seats. Was awesome. Main event was Rock v.s HHH vs Lesnar. Was great to see Rock in person up close.

Screw going to this one. MCG is way to big to be able to see properly. Plus its just a house show, so nothing decent will happen. HHH v.s Taker as a main event…no thanks


If Silva doesn’t turn up the night before at MCW, we riot.

Atmosphere at a huge venue isn’t necessarily any more intense.

BROOKSY BACK IN SEPTEMBER. Then he nicks off to win Battle of Los Angeles.