The Wrestling Thread


I assume Kona Reeves will be in the main event by then so I’m fine


Yeah but

Wrestling stories are pretty dumb
Wrestling itself? Also pretty dumb



The brood had one of the best entrances ever. Probably my favourite entrance theme ever, add in the fire and lights. Brilliant


You should’ve been at Margaret Court when NXT came to town in that case. Also would’ve cost you a 1/10 of the ticket price for the SuperShow.

Roode. Nakamura. Two of the best entrances going around at the time for crowd reaction and involvement. Even Joe, DIY & Ember Moon had quality entrances.

Atmosphere is usually better in 10-15k size venues rather than football size arenas.


And it was at that show that we realised Elias was going to be a star. So much heat.


That NXT show at MCA was amazing. Had ringside for all of about 150 bucks.


Was fun at the GC too, even with a smaller crowd. Ember/Asuka was easy MOTN.


I’ve got the network purely for NXT. But trips its time to PUSH THE DREAM.


They’ll ruin him on the main roster. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  1. LOL @ Jeff Hardy.
  2. Nice pop from the crowd for the idea of Lesnar being stripped of the title.
  3. Stop showing and re-showing and re-re-showing the big balloon ###Owens### landed on!
  4. At least they didn’t put Reigns on last. Wasn’t his worst disaster by a long way, but yeah not good.
  5. TNA: Lashley is a legit badarse with great character. WWE?
  6. Cole: “I think Lashley hit his head on the apron!” Director: “I hear ya, but check out this replay where he misses by a metre!”
  7. Bliss doesn’t have the strength and/or nous to wedge a chair into the corner ropes…
  8. What happened to set the crowd off at 9:43 to go?
  9. The first time the crowd did the Rumble countdown and buzzer noise, I laughed. Then they did it over and over and over and I wanted to KILL THEM ALL.
  10. Long Haired Guy is a big Dolph fan. Had multiple posters and did more than his usual golf claps. If you don’t know who I mean, I apologise for ruining all future shows for you.


re: #8, they took the countdown clock down for a while. That just made the crowd do their countdown two or three times a minute. So that reaction was either the removal or reinstatement of the clock.

Ziggler and Rollins can be heard muttering about how removing the clock just made the morons worse.


Thornbury Theatre was full and to capacity for MCW 99: the downs were pretty “meh”, but the ups were fantastic. In particular:

  • Will Ospreay takes down that slimy Lochy ‘Loverboy’ Hendricks in the curtain jerker (hit all the right notes, crowd hot as), and then we announce a second match later in the night vs Tome Filip. That second match was amazingly good. Instant 100% standing ovation for the end. Ospreay makes mortals into stars.
  • Emma vs Indi Hartwell had to follow Ospreay/Filip, which was one HELL of an ask. Did a good job of it though. Tenille just looks happy wrestling.
  • Brat Pack take back the tag titles and do NOT break up. A long con job, were fully united, and I couldn’t be happier with them continuing to inspire white hot hatred from the crowd and being incapable of having a bad match.

MCW 100 is gonna be awesome: Jonah Rock vs Tetsuya Naito, Will Ospreay vs Slex ©, Kelly Anne vs Madison Eagles (finally!)…


Is that the one they’re doing at MSAC?


Yep. General admission still available.


Slammiversary (no spoilers):

I haven’t been watching but have very loosely followed their storylines.

Their voice-over guy is the best.

It’s not a large venue, but it is certainly sparkly.

Curtain-jerking is Fenix vs Petey Williams vs “Bone Solider” Ishimori vs Johnny Impact. There’s no story, apart from Petey being Canadian and this being in Canada, but with these four guys: wheeeeeee!

Blanchard vs Allie (home-town girl) is back and forth. That top-rope hurracanrana by Blanchard looked utterly brutal — no release, just drove her head and neck into the canvas. And it wasn’t the finish…

Eddie Edwards vs Tommy Dreamer: so my general opinion has always been that Eddie is vanilla and Tommy was played out twenty years ago. Convince me otherwise.

“YOU SICK FARK!” Well, that was an inevitable chant for this match.

Not awful. Potentially interesting ending (or is it?)

Matt Sydal © vs Brian Cage (undefeated in Impact) for the X Division title. Look, all I can say is how sad I was not to see/hear Mrs Cage.

Su Yung © vs Madison Rayne for the Knockouts title. MONSTERS AREN’T REAL.

<< tries to imagine how bad the WWE version of this balls-to-the-wall horror movie schlock would be >>

Josh Matthews is a seriously cold unit: e.g. straight-face referring to “Madison’s daughter Charity”.

Old LAX vs New LAX © in a street fight for the Tag titles. Yeah, I got no idea how this story has developed.

Hernandez can still fly. Unprotected head shots galore. Slippery entrance ramp nearly embarrasses Hernandez twice.

The managers are weirdly uninvolved, including one moment where Hernandez and Konnan pass within ten centimetres of each other without even acknowledging the other’s existence. But I think both of them SUCK, so that’d be about right.

Damn, Homicide… you might be a bit more rolly polly, but you still got it. Insane rolling suicide dive puts his opponent through a table into the railing.

Credit, crowd was hot for that hot garbage.

Hair vs Mask: Sami Callahan vs Pentagon. An awesome intro package, made me want to see the full insanity that has led to this match. And the match is insane too: look away if you’re not a fan of railway spikes (though the missed taps were infuriating!)

This is not PG WWE.

“FIGHT FOREVER!” they chant.

That is the kindest “YOU FARKED UP” chant I’ve ever heard. That crowd genuinely cared.

WOW. That was one hell of a match. Two guys living their characters and the story.


And for the poor bastardos who have to follow that…

Austin Aries © vs Moose for the Heavyweight title.

Massive size difference, which makes for an interesting dynamic.

Moose has either improved markedly, or usually doesn’t give a ■■■■ because he is way too dynamic for 299lb.

It was a very solid main event, and the crowd was hot to the end of the three (not five, not seven) hours.

That was a pretty damn good show, and absolutely had its own identity.

Now if they could just tape a little closer to live, and stop bleeding talent.


Holy mother of god, that card for Takeover Brooklyn is ridiculously stacked.

Dont look it up all you’ll spoil about 3 weeks of NXT tapings.

Tomasso Ciampa is NXT Champion


2 deaths over the past 24 hours.

WWE Hall of Famer Nikolai Volkoff (70) - Mike Johnson’s written his another excellent career retrospective here:

Brian Christopher Lawler (aka Grandmaster Sexay) (46) - allegedly he committed suicide whilst in police custody. Another retrospective from Johnson here:


The Mighty have ditched the faux AFL jumpers now that they’re heels.

AFL is face material?




Not been a good month for wrestlers I grew up with