The Wrestling Thread


The (New) Hart Foundation:

Jim Neidhart
Owen Hart
The British Bulldog
Brian Pillman

Bret Hart: only got retired by a guy who couldn’t wrestle, had a stroke, plus a bit of prostate cancer


Cole must be a bit better than the credit I’ve historically granted him if Ricochet trusts him to pull this one off. Yowsers.

In other news, MCW had 1200 attendees last night at MSAC. This will probably not surprise you but Slex vs Ospreay was match of the night. Damn.

I assume Slex is happy to more or less stay at home, because he’s absolutely good enough to roam the world. Luckily he’s had a few decent opponents come here over the years (e.g. Johnny InsertLastNameHere, Zach Sabre Jr, Dunne, Riddle, Cage, Okada, Scurll, Bate, London, and a rash of other Japanese stars in tag matches etc).


Pretty average Summerslam.

A few decent matches. A few scratch matches. A few boring matches.


What a fantastic Summerslam crowd — they knew Charlotte deserved that post-match beatdown.


WHO’S YOUR DADDY? — it’s not often such a chant is (I think) a positive one.

Maryse is AWESOME.

Rousey/Bliss was worth it just for that perfect combo of armbar master and loose-jointedness.

Strowman comes in: Reigns craps his pants but Lesnar is laughing and bouncing. Weird story you’re telling, WWE.

Lesnar still entertains me, breaking the video wall. Which reminds me, in the main event of TakeOver, where did that crutch kicked by that slimy little monster Gargano end up?

What a rubbish ending. The only guy who failed to entertain wins.


Honestly hope we get a Charlotte vs Rhonda match one day.


Takeover was amazing as always. I’m already hyped for War Games II - I hope it’s UE v BSS v War Machine/Ricochet as they teased a couple of weeks ago. Baszler/Sane was brilliant. I reckon the final chapter of Gargano/Ciampa when it happens will just be a plain garden variety one-fall match since Johnny can’t win the brawls.

Haven’t watched Summerslam yet. Probably won’t.


Card for super show down is coming along.

Rumour is we get Gargano vs Ciampa

I just want velvateen dream


Who made that up?

-edit- Miz v Bryan is official


Who was the smart person who though Becky as heel vs Flair as face would get over?


Triple H was really trying to sell his match against the Undertaker on RAW…I just can’t buy it at all. The product must be a real shambles if routinely we have to watch old timers wrestle in main events ala Wrestlemania etc. Must annoy the current crop of “superstars” that they are constantly overlooked…except of course Reigns.


I think if they can put together a good card with the current roster than HHH v UT becomes the cherry on the cake

The only issue is what kind of cake are they bringing to Melbourne


I wanted a Strowman vs Lesnar… one on one, so badly.

It’s hard to see it happening any time soon.


Miz and Bryan will be great.

But as I’ve said, I’m not going for the wrestling. Wrestling is boring. I’m going for the promos and the theme songs


Oh sht yeah. This show could be 85% entrances, 10% Miz on the mic and 5% chanting “we love you cos you’re a Victorian” at Buddy Murphy with 0% actual wresting and I’d go home very happy.


Agreed, don’t get me wrong I’m excited as anyone for the Showdown and getting to see the undertaker but WWE really needs to invest in building the next generation of talent. Particularly with some semblance of personality not just Good Guy Reigns or Cena.


Hmmm. This will be my one and only chance to see an Undertaker entrance.


For those who haven’t seen it, SBS will be airing HBO’s excellent Andre the Giant documentary, this Sunday at 8.30pm


Basically I categorize it as lame or fun.

Ziggler copying everyone else because he has no gimmick of his own, then overdoing it with the enthusiasm “ask him”, over-selling the hits and then acting like he’s fresh as a daisy (counteracting each other) is why he’s a loser mid carder for life. Also his theme tune suckkkks.

Yay for pointless Owns burial. Yay for random pointless Finn Balor match. Skipped the boring tag match.

Joe is cool. We all know he’s got the Nakamura close loser rule for this fued tho. MIZ/Bryan was actually entertaining…

I mostly skipped through everything else. Ronda is cool but someone needs to teach her makeup because she looked like an idiot.

Main event was good for the 6 minutes it lasted. So I get 6 minutes of interesting at the end of a 4 hour show that was OK. Yay… NEXT.


Well given he’s got to walk to the middle of the MCG it should take about an hour


New matches added

Shield vs Braun/Dolph/Drew
Rousey/Bellas vs Riott Squad
Murphy vs Alexander for the CW title

Last one makes up for the first two imo