The Wrestling Thread


Just had a bit of a chuckle at the idea of the Shield making their way down to the ring from Q50


Nxt peeps aren’t coming are they?

Wanna see my boy Velveteen.


Youll have to fight me for the dream. Claimed him months ago


I been on the dream train over a year breh.

Best character in the whole company. Will be ruined when he gets called up (obviously).


ALL IN comments (no visible spoilers). Decent show!

Pre-show had dodgy sound (not sure if in the original or just my viewing). The main show was fine: the venue looked fantastic and everything looked slick. Plus some pyro, and some explicit trolling of the WWE.

Lots of nice cameos throughout the whole show, outside the ring and as interviewers and refs.

The “Over the Budget” Battle Royale was most enjoyable, lots of nice little stories and character moments.

I won’t cover all the matches, just the overt standouts.

Stephen Amell (“Arrow”) vs Daniels. Amell is no slick star in this, his third match, but damn, he went 12 minutes in a real singles match and there were some sweet spots in that.

EMMA! On the mike for the four-corners women survival match: Tessa Blanchard v Chelsea Green v Madison Rayne v Britt Baker. Chelsea really inhabiting her “Hot Mess” gimmick. There’s no story beyond their individual (and distinct) characters and the match is occasionally botchy, but it’s 13 more minutes of continuous action and the crowd is appreciative.

The “ten pounds of gold” NWA title match is on EARLY.

Daaaamn, Brandi.

Cody is OVER.

Both he and Aldiss are selling the moment with significant entourages (GoldDust and Mickie James not allowed, booooooo). Crowd is invested, going nuts before the match starts.

Oh, that was an awful missed-but-sold kick, with exactly the right/wrong camera angle to show it.

Cody cops a big elbow outside of the ring, and Hebner flashes the big X. He kindly refuses to make a count-out. This is really just an excuse to see DDP diamond-cut Daivari. While that happens Cody blades (sadly they farked up by showing an un-cut face prior to that). Bit of an amateur over-work, that.

Match goes over 20 minutes; it’s certainly no classic but got the job done.

At this stage there is over two hours to go for the show. This match was fantastic and also depressing news for the credibility of the NWA title.

Hangman Page vs Joey Janela (with Penelope Ford). Whoever organised this show bought good tables: these babies explode when hit. LOL at the crowd’s late SAFETY FIRST chant. Yowsers to the ending. Penelope did her bit, too.

JOEY RYAN LIVES! REST IN PEENIS! A serious WTF but a great pay-off.

For the ROH World Title: Jay Lethal © vs the Winner of the Over Budget Battle Royale (accompanied by Brandi!)

Lethal comes out in his Black Machismo gimmick and in the Macho Man’s very clothes, accompanied by Lanny Poffo. OOOOOOOH YEAH.

It’s a comedy match, albeit with two guys who can go.

Pentagon vs Omega: that fifteen minutes went real fast.

Lights go out. We wait… HOLY ■■■■. HOLY ■■■■. HOLY ■■■■.

This is getting more and more like Vince Versus The World. Vince ain’t losing, but everyone else is winning.

Scurll vs Okada is absolutely a you’re-not-good-or-big-enough story. Pretty slow paced (initially, typically) but FINALLY we have the one true counter for the RAINMAKER! Ends up as the longest match of the night (some are saying it went waaaay over its allotted time).

Your main event: Bucks/Ibushi vs Bandido/Fenix/Mysterio. Bandido gets the early rub, to not look out-classed. As you might expect, this match is top-gear all the way. People lost their minds when Kota finally comes in, and then Rey a second later… fair call by the crowd. No one on the floor is sitting, HOLY ■■■■ they chant. Rey is SHARP.

The final result, move and participants is exactly what you’d expect, and finished seconds before their broadcast window closed. Eek.


I’ve watched around half of ALL IN.
Pentagon v Omega was just nuts. I forgot about piledrivers and these guys were just killing eachother.

The battle royal and this match have been highlights.


Orton, you sick bastardo.

Nice hole in the leg, too.

That was better than expected.


WWE have become really good at putting on awesome shows that take a sudden, sharp downturn in entertainment value in the last match or two.

I mean promoting a match for weeks that is sadistic/brutal/career-ending/etc etc etc, and then ending it in a no-contest, come ooonnnnnn


Lol yeah when I read the results I just shook my head and laughed. I honestly believe if a guy with ted turner Money came in right now and started competing with Vince. They could easily become the new no1 with 2 years, maybe less.

Would not suprise me at all, if Vince is suffering from some kind of CTE from all his head shots and hits over his life and his memory has almost completely gone. It’s almost like he has forgotten how to build stars and then make new ones.

When you look at the product 20 years ago, and watch it now it’s way worse than anything wcw was putting out towards the end


(From the pre-show: New Day are dirty stinking cheats.)

Back on the main show: turns out it’s not very hard to get a sweet match out of two Horsewomen.

Ambrose bores me, but the other three are entertaining (especially with Vampire Guy being such a Dolph mark).

Show definitely over-performing when Bliss-Rousey can credibly go 12 minutes with minimal shenanigans.

Turns out they were saving the shenanigans for the last match :crazy_face:


I enjoyed the whole show apart from the main event. RR has eaten a lot more F5’s in the past. He gets hit with one and can’t get up… It doesn’t make sense.


You object to that but NOT Roman and Strowman having a nap for the ten minutes between the initial and final run-in?

Their match was otherwise decidedly less interesting than the Orton/Hardy cell curtain-jerker.


That part was a bit silly as well.

I said i enjoyed the whole show apart from the main event.

Orton/Hardy was a decent match.


I know I’m late but Drew McIntyre carrying his tag team partner’s lifeless body across his shoulders along with both tag belts out of the ring was boss af.

Still hate his finisher tho, have since NXT. He looks like fking Hercules and he uses a kick finisher. Needs a legit powerhouse one.


He used a savage DDT in his first run with WWE.


Future Shock DDT. He used it on Almas when he lost the strap in NXT. He should have some kind of powerbomb or slam finisher.


Finally watched Hell in a Cell…pitiful ending for the main event. A no contest in an anything goes Hell in a Cell match, good grief.

So many stupid endings its hard to get hyped for any decent match these days.




Anyone have spare/extra tiks for next week’s show?

Much appreciated for any reply.


Still heaps available