The Wrestling Thread


Shouldn’t this thread be busier this week?


Nah it’s not like the trade thread. We’ll only talk about the show after it’s happened.


Good call. This is gonna be awesome:


Also, Meiko farking Satomura. Watching her matches is basically this:


Well I’m going. I feel extremely dumb about it, cause wrestling is dumb, but I’m excited

Edit: no, and not to the local wrestling DJR you weirdo


Also going. My fear is that its going to be a glorified house show. Please, please be wrong




Had similar fears so opted not to go, but I’m hopeful for those in attendance that the work-rate exceeds Saudi Arabia levels for most matches.

Should at least get a local title change like they did at the UK Title Tournament a few months back to pop the crowd. I’m hopeful for a Joe win, but this is WWE - would they really change a major belt whilst most of the US is still sleeping? Outside of that most of the upper-card matches are house show calibre, but it’ll be interesting how much bell-to-bell time the Taker match actually gets vs. how much its an angle to set-up HBK’s return match.

Be interesting to see if Liv is medically cleared for her match or not as well.


If we don’t get a Silva/Murphy run-in tonight to deliver Brooks the championship, we riot.

Would be neat if the two won titles within 24 hours and 6 kilometres of each other.


Would love to have gone tomorrow night, but couldn’t talk my mates into it.

I’ll enjoy watching it on the network


Going tomorrow night. Should be fun.

HBK is getting involved in the main event for sure.


Brooksy by mild shenanigans after ~25 minutes (2.99 pin to roll-up holding the ropes and the shorts) and NEW Intercommonwealth Champion.

No Silva, booooo.


Not going as I didn’t have the money for up close (aka $2000 for a ringside seat) and didn’t think it was worth watching from the nosebleeds. I think this is an important event for WWE. If they do the glorified house show schtick with an obligatory tag/secondary belt change people will mostly wisen up and crowds will go down in future years… Give a good show and they’ll go up in coming years.

Would love to see Hunter doing HBK over after the match and setting up one last Mania feud. THink it’ll be a 7 minute match at best. Best friend versus best friend would be cool if we get HBK/Hunter coming up down the track. Reckon Joe is an outside chance for a title but not sure they’ll pull the trigger overseas.


After a rather modest start, the second half of the MCW show tonight was amazing.

Brooks/Slex as noted.

Daniel Bryan can only wish he got YES over as much as “Loverboy” Hendricks has got NYAH over* — and in between the crowd repurposing that to a hundred chants tonight he probably had his best ever match, against Dowie James.

Jonah Rock vs Ugg was perhaps the best big man match I’ve ever seen (OK, nineties AJPW may disagree; but in person this was an easy winner). Brutal.

And the unlikely main event of Robbie Eagles challenging the double-his-weight Gino Gambino for the heavyweight title went over huge with a white-hot everyone-standing last few minutes. That was possibly Gino’s best ever match also, above his clash with Ospreay last year and his much earlier breakout versus Krakerjak. And a good thing too: his previous championship defences have been heat-gathering but also rather drab.

The final show for the year is next month and will feature Slex getting a rematch and Rock getting Gambino. JONAH’S GONNA KILL YOU.

*I’m claiming credit for being first to mock that word all those months ago, when he was making that frankly comical exclamation throughout a video beatdown.

(not my photo)


So I had three tickets on L4 but I’ve now got better free tickets (not ringside but next section back, amazing).

My three tickets (40 bucks each, Olympic stand row M) are now gonna go to waste. If anyone wants them for nothing hit me up in the next half hour or so with your email address and I’ll email them through

@Crazy_Bomber @jonovdp @Dunlop or anyone else


Thanks mate. But I can’t make it tonight.


All gone team


I appreciated the offer anyway, but I’m a long way from Melbs right now haha.


Does anyone know if the preshow is on the network? Doesn’t say that it is.


What time does this start?