The Wrestling Thread


Melbourne Cricket Ground
Gates Open: 4:30pm
Pre-Show: 6:30pm
Main Event: 7:00pm
Show Ends: 11:00pm


I’m here. Never been to a live wrestling event before.

Amount of bogans off the fkn charts


How many kids are there with rats tails?!?



I’m wearing a collared shirt and a pair of smart jeans and I stand out like donkeys balls


How’s the crowd filling up?


I’m just out the front. Too scared to go inside


According to 7, a boxing ring has been built in the middle of the ‘G.

Fancy that.


So far I’ve had three randoms abuse me for my collared shirt. Will have to buy bogan wear and put over the top


Also the first time ever I’ve been genuinely relieved that there are metal detectors.


Breh why on earth would you do this… it’s wrasslin.


Hows the crowd looking @SMJ?


Pictures are being posted on Snapchat.

Doesn’t look overly full.


What snapchats that mate?


I’d have a guess at about 45,000 right now.


Apparently there are sh*t loads of people line up waiting to get in.


Stolen from the webz 10 mns ago


Are they plastic white chairs?


Someone needs to start throwing the chairs like at the darts a few years back.


SMJ later tonight



Back 8-10 rows of the top stands are empty but otherwise it’s very full

It’s very very loud and I feel very dumb right now