The Wrestling Thread


Chairs all cable tied together!


Collingwood choking shout out at the WWE. Just beautiful!!


If anyone starts cheating this is awesome please punch them in the face


“You are a wanker” chant, started for Shaemus and Cesaro.


I’m by the fence on the ground - can’t wait for the Undertaker!


Some clown has a head shot of Brian Taylor at the entrance.


I don’t care if I’m in my 30’s…UNDERTAKER!!!


If I had of gone, I would have gotten sh*t faced on mid-strength. 4 hour shows are brutal.

Edit: and even more p*ssing


Never been in a crowd with so many random, unpredictable nut jobs.


Hopefully next time they come, they do another similar show at the MCG then back it up with a Raw and Smack Down at Rodlaver or the ‘she who shall not be named’ stadium (next door).


Main event sounded pretty good from what I read


Had a great time. WWE really brought their AAA production tonight. Only disappointment was the Miz vs DB. Way too short.


The Undertaker doesn’t care much for referees.


He’s never been one of my favourites; I guess becoming a cheat (kicks to balls etc) and sook (punching umps for correctly making an obvious call) in his elderly years has given him something more than his WWF old-school comic book character*?

Pretty awful-looking Hell’s Gate, too. Pretty much relying on gravity to drive HHH’s throat into his leg. I also appreciated the audio so clearly capturing their conversation after it was broken — at least HHH eventually remembered to hide his mouth behind his arm.

*yeah, I know: harsh on comics books.


Oh well, got the second part of that.

On ya fellas, taking down those flogs.


Noticed that aswell. That’s Terrible from then telecast.


Solid 6/10 wasnt anything “special” in terms of booking but it had its moments and didn’t feel like a glorified house show.

Atmosphere however was next level


I made sure to look out for a dude munching nuggs and talking in CAPITAL LETTERS but I didn’t see you bro


How much of a doofus did Kane look like in that match?