The Wrestling Thread


My son Velveteen Dream better get the strap at takeover.

Also enjoying the McIntyre build… good storytelling in his humiliation of Angle.


Becky >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rousey


Well… there go the two main reasons to watch Survivor Series!

Becky out with the cracked face (FFS Nia FFS). AJ beaten by Bryan with almost no lead-up or explanation (well, the explanation is presumably that they needed a new main event with Becky out). Not sure if heel Bryan means he gets a more competitive match with Lesnar, or not. Poor AJ’s balls, again. Makes Nakamura look a bit of a spud, too.


I’m pretty sure Becky could kick AJ in the balls and get cheered for it.


Becky Lynch is a f*cking badarse.

Clearly Rowsey and Lynch were set to headline.

IMO Vince doesn’t believe AJ Styles is headline worthy.


AJ got by far the closest thing to an actual match out of Lesnar in many years at the last Survivor Series.


I blame nia snacks


Miz has been right about Bryan all along. Selfish.


Flawless victory. The injury could end up being a good thing for WWE, previously Charlotte-Ronda was seen as the money match, now providing injury doesn’t intervene again it’ll be Becky-Ronda at Mania.

The Man Is Now Residing in Ronnie’s Head :heavy_check_mark: @BeckyLynchWWE

Ronnie, TL/DR. When I got my face broke I got up, owned you THEN showed up the next day looking to fight some more. When you got your face broke you hid for a year under your blankie. Your mind is as weak as your jaw, & I’m going to move heaven & earth to come destroy them both.


“you hid for a year under your blankie”

Kevin Owens can only wish he was this good.


She’s the hottest property in Wrestling atm.

It’s funny that WWE is still going with the Heel angle.


Johnny Survivor voted off the island in 12th spot… but it required TWO immunity idols cancelling ten other votes for that to be the case! He thought that was funny: probably a good thing, he had no fat left to burn.

Surprisingly, he failed to win two challenges based on an inability to stand steady on a beam (while doing other things, admittedly). That was NOT what I expected.




And according to some (meltzer) it will main event


John Morrison/Johnny Mundo/Johnny Impact competed on Survivor this season. For Survivor fans unfamiliar with him from wrestling, he came across really well on the show and didn’t make a ■■■■ of himself like others with a celebrity profile have done.

@DJR - seeing you watched Survivor, you might be interested in his exit interview:


Very strange
The guy is like a parkour expert and does all his own stunts for the low budget movies he is in


Another 21 minutes of awesomeness from Brooksy and Slex…

(Scariest bit of the night was 288kg of Jonah Rock and Gino Gambino turning a table into kindling a metre in front of me…)


Geez, I hope that botch at the end of the NXT women’s title match was deliberate. Shoulder came up!

But otherwise… you can almost certainly extend that lead of head-to-head PPV wins already.

P.S. Fark Hogan. There’s only one five star Velveteen, and it’s the titular track by Transvision Vamp.


War Games

All 5 star surely. Dream/Ciampa could even do 5.5/6


C’mon. They weren’t in the Tokyo Dome.