The Wrestling Thread


Roman did show up in Edge and Christian’s show this week, though.


Cena then?

Or Lesnar wins the Title in a match that goes for 10 minutes, but 7 minutes of him just walking around the ring staring at Balor.

Then refuses leave the ring after the match, stays in for the Royal Rumble and eliminates everyone from the Rumble.


I don’t think Cena is booked for the rumble. Filming a movie.

Corbin seems to get the most heat. He’ll probably get dumped by Rollins for the pop.

Or maybe Lashley/McIntyre but they don’t have much heat.


Please send Ricochet to Smackdown.


Send him wherever the IC title is, it was made for him.


Fit Finlay is not The Man… but I’ve always liked him. A lot.

Not sure those last few minutes worked as well as a simple one-on-one fight, though. Clunky.

Anyway, show’s over.

What, there’s more than two hours to go?



Women’s Division > Men’s Division

If you removed all the men’s matches (including the Rumble match) from the Royal rumble PPV, it would be one of the Greatest PPV’s in history.

Those womens matches was absolutely stunning. They are literally carrying the company, and the only thing keeping me interested atm. Lynch & Rousey (& Flair?) should be mainevent at Mania. Beccy Lynch is so hot right now. The biggest superstar WWE has had for years. Get her on the top of the card. It’s time.


Hell, a woman was the best part of the men’s Rumble too… and surprisingly unlike normal WWE, they didn’t hold back!


Disappointed because the rumble is my favourite match of the year and both were average at best. The right people won in the end but some baffling booking decisions.

Rollins taking a 20 min nap makes him look like a ■■■■■. I hate when they do that rubbish to show the babyface “overcoming adversity”. Does the exact opposite.

Ricochet Gargano was comfortably the best match on either show.


Can we shoot whoever keeps allowing (nay, encouraging) this whole “two feet hit the floor” bullshit?

It’s trivially easy for most people chucked out to keep one foot up, stand up, and hop to the ring. It’s embarrassing that everyone, including most of the wrestlers, are treated as idiots.


At one stage it looked like Kingston voluntarily jumped off scaffolding, hopped on one foot, then Woods picked him up and carried him back. It looked so bad and they need to stop it.

The only cringe worthy part of the Women’s Rumble was Fox & Canellis interacting and throwing tantrums in the ring like 2 year olds.


I enjoyed the RR but fell asleep half way through the mens rumble. Woke up as Seth was declared the winner. Becky winning was a lot of fun.

Takeover was a great show.


What’s more annoying, hearing the fcking “it’s a good day yes it is” theme from New Day for the 3rd time, Dolph Ziggler’s music hitting for 28th entry or R-Truth’s at 30?

It’s not hard. Plonk a few of your top ones at the start. Bring in maybe an NXT talent. A surprise or two, Jerrett was fine. Get whatever filler you have done by 15th at most, and that’s YOU any member from New Day, T-Truth etc. I don’t wany jobber after 20…Give a raft of surprises new and old from 15th onwards… Kane, Big Show etc. Give me them over the useless jobber. Plonk your best talent in from 20 onwards with 27-30th your top stars. And no, that doesn’t include Ziggler or Truth. Make sure you highlight a few younger boys and make sure your top talent looks strong…the worst is when your supposed top talent is invisible and then gets eliminated by a rookie or just without meaning.

This RR was inoffensive but the Kofi parts are sh*te and boring now and I feel like no one really gets highlighted anymore…Seth didn’t really overcome anything he just went missing for a large proportion… Lesnar/Balor was another OK match that ended the same way as every other Lesnar match since Cena got annihlated against him. I honestly skipped through the rest.


Yeah agreed that the Kofi/Naomi spots are just way over-contrived now. I did like the Kacy Catanzaro one thought because it felt opportunistic than set up. Asking the refs “this doesn’t count, right?” and then sort of working it out as she went from there. I’d like to see Kofi do legitimately well next year.

Not a big Nia fan, but that whole thing threw some much needed petrol on the fire that was that match. Really well done that whole thing.

Women’s rumble was great. Showcased new talent instead of old, told some great stories, and had a good showdown to finish it off.


Kind of agree with the top part.
I thought there was a lack of main roster guys during the middle of the match. A lot of tag team guys didn’t appear… Roode, Seamus, the Miz, Cesaro. Even though the NXT guys were great, I felt like there was a lack of story being told during the Rumble match. It’s a great way to beef up feuds.

The complete opposite with the Women’s Rumble match, there were sooo many feuds and stories developing. They are primed for Wrestlemania. I’m just so invested in the stories being told in that division.

The men felt like they were just thrown in to the match with Rollins winning as the only directive they were told.
Maybe because the Smackdown Women’s division has spilled over to Raw, but it’s incredibly entertaining… with great matches.


That was bizarre - I dunno whether there was a miscommunication and McIntyre was meant to push Kofi, but he just randomly dove off the apron into a sunset flip on Woods and then its all “hey he caught me and saved from elimination”. No you dolt, you were on the apron and willingly almost eliminated yourself.

WWE has gone on another TNA raid - this time of their former and current producers - Jeff Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt and Shane “Hurricane/Gregory” Helms have all started and Abyss starts soon. Presumably the influx is so the UK brand can also go on the round on top of the 2 NXT touring squads and the main rosters.

Two wrestlers have either been granted their release or won’t be re-signing:
Granted Their Release: Hideo Itami
Finishing in April/May: Dean Ambrose


I’d take that second name with a grain of salt, for now.

EDIT: seems I missed later developments. At least the WWE didn’t mention future endeavours.


I hope so.

He is my favourite. Even though I lost interest since he returned, and had a change of attitude.

It does sound seriously weird. Hopefully they’re just playing it up like they were with Lesnar leaving for MMA.


(I have close to zero interest in him, but if him leaving cascades the obvious way… that would be very bad.)


Smackdown very entertaining… and certainly had a few odd moments.

Bryan with the new hemp and “carved from a naturally fallen oak” belt was just fantastic.