Things yer little uns say


Contented Sigh! Hopefully the result of the myriad puns I poured into bugman’s ear over 10 years of trivia.


That’s sensational! She deserves extra ice-cream or something horrid like that.


6yo: Dad, why don’t you ever call me Son? You should call me Son at least sometimes.



I just had an image of all these future Bomber supporters looking through this site called ‘bomberblitz’ that they’ve joined, and suddenly realising that their parents were talking about them many years ago when they were kids.


My son posts more than i do on any subject and a lots in here.


If you reckon that’s the worst thing in my internet history, you might get a bit of a shock…


Maybe you should be over in ‘top 10 albums from the ‘60s’?


NO ONIONS for you


It’s not only a pun, it’s a great pun. Excellent work.


The 4-year-old again.

Her and her 2-year-old brother were having a great time playing with a balloon until it popped, so I had said that when we are out tomorrow we can get a bag of balloons and we can blow some up for them to play with again once we got home.

Over the course of the night in her mind this morphed into us telling her that she is having surprise birthday party (it her eldest sister’s 10th birthday next week, her birthday is not for another 5 months) tomorrow and that all her friends will be here tomorrow afternoon to play with her at her birthday party.


The 4-year-old also really struggles to deal with her anger and it often just results in her standing on the spot and screaming over and over and over again.

So we’ve been trying to work on her talking to us about what is making her angry, how we can help her deal with etc.

Anyway one of her siblings ■■■■■■ her off will I was at work today so she went running to Mum to tell her “this madness is running from my head all through my body!!!”


For Little Miss OBITV’s sixth birthday, I hired a clown. He was funny, the kids thought he was great and everybody had a wonderful time.

A couple of weeks later, her best friend’s Mum rang to say that she and her daughter were in the area and would drop in for a while. When I told my girl I had a surprise for her, she excitedly replied “Is it a clown?”


“Daddy, I didn’t like my teacher telling off my best friend so I gave her my THAT IS UNAPPROPRIATE (sic) look”

** blows up her cheeks, looks sideways through her eyes, and slowly shakes her head side to side**


I wasn’t there but Mrs Yoss tells me Junior (5) got curious on how he got into mummy’s tummy as a baby

“Was i really small and i went into your bottom and climbed all the way up up up into your tummy?”


No…that’s only parking inspectors, or tax auditors, or (name your profession) who get born that way.


Turn on the iPad at work, go to safari.

Google search is open to this

“really annoying songs that get stuck in your head”

These kids are trying to Crack me


Credit where it’s due. This ones from a few years back, but the young fella drew this


Daughter on the other hand…


I’m hoping you looked at him seriously, and said… “Yes”.


Watching the Winter Olympics and Miss 9-year-old comes in.

Her: What’s this?
Me : Ice skating.
Her: Hmmm have never seen this before.

10 minutes later.

Her: Oh that was terrible.

5 minutes later.

Her: Oh that was a terrible mistake, she fell over!! Oh well this team is dead to me.

She apparently became a very harsh expert very quickly.

Then her 7 & 4-year-old sisters came in a game.

Miss 9: Hey, Miss 7. Do you want to watch the ice skating.
Miss 7: NO…I’m a dog!!!