Things yer little uns say


4-year-old: Where are the cookies? They didn’t just walk away. If there is one thing I know about cookies, it is that they don’t have legs.


5yo watching snowboarding before cutaway to Olympic flame. “Daddy why is that on fire?”

“It’s the Olympic flame”

“Is it to keep everybody warm?”


One from the misheard song lyric files

Just caught the 10-year-old singing “I want a singlet…I want a singlet…I want a singlet”

Cop that Beyoncé!!

I laughed hard.


More football.

“Who’s that?” “That’s Conner McKenna” “I like him, he’s my best friend”

“Who’s that?” “Jack Funston” “No, my like him”

She is evidence that brainwashing works.


Watching some womens Ice Hockey the other night, 9 year old says “Hey Dad, you recon any of these Finland women are hot?”


“I don’t need to hear ALL your amazing things!” My 6yo very sarcastically as I was bragging about changing a broken tap all by myself.


Good thing she didnt go with Jack *untston


Junior was in fine form today with the players at family day, first asking Hartley who is a better player out of him and Baguley, and then asking Saad if he was the fastest on the team. When Saad asked what he thought, Junior said “number 49 is faster” which drew a few laughs.


Miss 4 went to Bunnings on the weekend and got the obligatory sausage sizzle.

First bite, "MMMMMM This is delicous, my compliments to the chef’

Old bloke on the bbq was chuffed.


My youngest is 14 months tomorrow. She has been repeating words / sounds for a while now. She has Hi and Bye down pat. Nana (Banana). She can actually say Boo-beri (Blueberries).

Most impressive, last week she started turning to the Kitchen Bench and saying “Ay Oogle”. It’s terrifyingly hilarious. Google Home doesn’t quite pick it up (yet).


Always listening devices give me the heebie jeebies


5yo daughter taking her sweet time getting out of the car and into the house. 2yo daughter while pushing her sister with both hands “ge ow oh my way”

She’s going places


If it’s any consolation, they’re also always transmitting…


Yeah, that doesn’t help


Again on the “bragging”. I was talking about wanting to learn another language using an app so my 6yo goes “DADDY! You have to STOP bragging. Else your head will grow big… and… you will just float away like a balloon! Then you will never see us again. Would you like that?!?”

Apparently she has heard the words bragging and big-headed in the same context somewhere…


Show her this:


Working from home today and heads down adding comments to a spreadsheet.

6yo: “Wow, Daddy those are big sentences”
Me: “Yes. See this one and see if you can read it…”
6yo: “I think you should just say I LIKE PIZZA. Your boss will like that.”


Miss 4: Daddy, I want to do snowboardinf, it looks fun. You go on a board and then you go on the snow and you go fast.

Now Daddy has had the Winter Olympics on for the past 16 days and figured Miss 4 had not pay one iota of attention to them so was a bit surprised by this. So I respond with

“It does look fun, did you see it on the Olympics.”

Miss 4: "No they do it on Paw Patrol and all the pups have lots of fun.

That makes more sense and Daddy’s instincts were right…doubt she even knows what the Olympics are let alone they’ve just been on for the past 16 days.


You can’t compete with Paw Patrol mate…


Or this: