Things yer little uns say


Anyone else with kids find it’s like having a couple of house mates that are drunk 24/7? It’s insane and funny all at the same time.


Yes, I did, but didn’t dare post it back in those days. :hushed:

But something for us all to look forward to: the joke is if you live long enough, at your first and last birthday party you think the same things: who are all these people? what do they want me to do? what’s that candle for? And you’re the least interested person there.


Bit off topic but a mate of mine just had his third.

I said congrats, very happy for you.

But all I could think was “WHY?”

Then again he is pretty chilled out so maybe his kids are too.

My son is a bit like me so we might just stick with the one. Bless him


Going through the usual shenanigans before bed time. I tried to scare my 6yo by giving her my best “angry stare”.

“Oooh look at you. You are soooooo scary, daddy. Ooooh!” All the while wagging her finger at me.

A small part of me was actually glad it didn’t work…


I don’t think there’s a more pure example of Stockholm syndrome than when they have their first day at childcare.


At dinner time tonight miss 5 chucked a tantrum (over what I’m still not clear) and stormed off to her room in tears. Miss 2 “oh gosh, miss 5 be crying” and then proceeded to burst into laughter. I couldn’t hide my own little chuckle .


Most people in this thread in 5 years. “Why can’t I go for the (premiership) team they’re good Essendon is a cult of misery?”


“Daddy, don’t move otherwise the drawing will come out blurry.” - My 6yo while drawing a portrait of me.

On one hand, I am so proud that she knows you can’t move while taking a PHOTO. On the other, it is scary that this generation can’t differentiate between drawing on paper and taking a photo on a screen!


While I have Exit Music (For A Film) playing,
‘If they tour again, will you come with me?’

Parenting win.


And ■■■■■■■ exhausting.


Mrs Ivan talking about a colleague in an unfavorable manner at the dinner table. Miss 5, very earnestly " do you just find her farking irritating?".

Mrs Ivan nearly wore my mouthful of water


Watching a doco on meat.
LMW: ‘We’re not killing animals because meat’s “okay.” ‘


Just after saad’s goal that wasn’t in the last, at the next break in play miss 7 turns to me and says “why didn’t we get any points for that goal?”

Great question!



She deserves an answer.

I think you should write to umpires boss Grant Williams on her behalf.

ps you’ll know you’ve done your job when she starts shouting “fing white maggots” after decisions like that :slight_smile:


6yo CB jnr’s been having nightmares about people dying in war and there’s an apparent link to ANZAC stuff from school (Brisbane), and possibly a dawn service his mum took him to last year. Pretty sure he doesn’t remember going to the G 3 years ago. Anyway, we talked about war etc for a while (more why than how), which didn’t really relieve his fear and sadness, so I mentioned the footy to try to sidetrack the conversation a bit and lighten him up.
“But ANZAC’s not about football”
Right you are son, it’s not.


With apologies to religious folks.

I was making my 6yo a sandwich and accidentally cut myself. “Jesus Christ!!!” I yelled.

6yo thinks and then starts:

“Jesus Crazy, Jesus Crazy.”

“Daddy, what is Jesus Crazy???”


No, son(?).
‘Jesus, praise ye.’


Daughter. But that would have been a smart save!


There’s a song in that … :thinking:


3 year old at work tonight throwing a tantrum.
It’s fair enough, the place can get pretty boring, and it’s late.
Started off calmly enough with.
‘I’m going home now, mummy.’
‘Bye mummy!’
Then when that didn’t work she started stacking it on, but the highlight for me (and the most devastating weapon in her armoury, it would seem) was,
“And I don’t barrack for St Kilda!”