Things yer little uns say


well, do you?


“no, but we have a chopper”!
Get it get it?


Helicopters, drugs, security and psychos.

Wim is Pablo Escobar confirmed.


‘Not yet, but I’m working on it.’


Kid’s 2 best mates in yr 1 believe in god, so he wants to also. “Why don’t you, Dad”?
I’ve told him he can believe whatever he wants, and that I’ll take him to a church at his request, but this is a tricky one.
Think I’ll play him some XTC and Zappa songs, among others, to help explain my views but he’s a bit young… And I’d like him to work it out for himself without pressure, but he’s easily convinced by said mates.


Reckon you are on the correct track with letting himwork it out for himself. We did the same with our kids but did keep them away from the religion classes ar primary school. Mrs Fox the Second, Mother of my babes had them thinking God in same way as Father Christmas and Easter Bunny, but without the gifts and chocolates.

Happily for us they grew up as good people and agnostic.


This literally just happened.

I just opened a nice bottle of wine with plans of having a bit of romance before the World Cup started later tonight.

So I yell out to my missus from the bar “hey babe do you want a vino tonight?”.

My missus in the kitchen doesn’t hear me but as quick as a flash master brisbano (6) yells out “mum, dad wants to know if you want a ■■■■■ tonight?”. Of course she hears this time.


Lol you can’t say p.e.n.i.s


Down the Gold Coast for a couple of days holiday, talking to kids about what we should do. 8 year old says ‘I’d say we should go to dreamworld if they weren’t always killing people’.

Slight over exaggeration.


But you can say peenis.

Or as I prefer, Penos.


At the game yesterday with my 9yo nephew. He asked me why Joe Daniher wasn’t playing, and I told him that he’s been missing for a while because he has a groin injury. He then asked: “What happened, did he get kicked in the peenis?” Those within earshot were rather amused.


6yo having trouble reading and pronouncing St Kilda, comes up with “Stinkilda”. I imagine he’s not the first to do it, but I hadn’t heard that one before. Has legs I reckon.


Young bloke saw my id badge for work and commented “dad you look like a teenager with wrinkles”.
I suppose it’s half good.



Me: “one day you’ll be a grown-up too”
Miss 3 " and then I can drink beer"

Not sure if this shows good parenting or great parenting?


I think it shows who her father is.


Not my little un, but the little girl next door.

LG: I’m doing swimming lessons.

OBITV: That sounds like fun.

LG: Hmmm, yes. The teacher calls me ‘goldfish’.

OBITV: Is that because you’re really good at swimming?

LG: No, he says I forget things after five minutes.


My 7yo daughter called her 10yo brother a “farking idiot” in front of me last night.

Dad of the year, right here.


Was Mrs George furious ?


Furious with me. I had to sheepishly admit that I had used the exact same exclamation to describe a fellow automobilist who had tried to overtake me in a narrow suburban street whilst I was giving way to someone coming the other way. The kids were in the back of the car at the time…


You mean there are male swimming teachers?

CB jnr’s had lessons at 3 different pools over 5 years. Never seen one.