Things yer little uns say


Lots of gibberish then a “stupid ■■■■■” thrown in randomly for good measure :rofl:


Yeah, it’s the sudden phrase formations that crack me up. Do you support eat the booty? The rest is like lyrics to Informer.


Mrs TFL is 7 days late with our 4th. C section on Grand Final day which is also the birthday of our soon to be 3 year old.

Have a 6 year old boy who appeared on Tommy Bellchambers Instagram story yesterday at his footy clinic (tacking the bag in orange boots) & and 8 year old daughter.

My 6 year old wrote a jingle earlier this year that goes “Big Tommy Tommy bum bum chambers, he hasn’t done a fart in ages”.

He told me The was going to sing it to him & then saw how huge he is.


Might be a good chant for the Grog Squad.


Why did the bag have orange boots?


My young fella who’s 3 years old, about a month ago, tells me he barracks for the Eagles.

Me: how do you even know who the eagles are?

I blame Essendon. We’re losing generations of supporters because the club is mediocre.

Anyway, it’s time to start getting him to plenty of Bombers games next year. All is not lost.


I blame the parents.
We have been mediocre before without losing “generations of supporters”
Now get him to plenty of Bombers games.


At the Melbourne show there is a pavilion where the western bulldogs have an interactive zone. They have a colouring corner, and one sheet had a " design your own footy jumper". Junior, 6, sits down, grabs the red pencil and draws the sash. Then he starts filling in the black, you can’t hide my smirk


Look, I may have intimated this previously, but if something should ever…you know, happen to you - I’m ok to look after your kid.


I swear my youngest could have a whole thread to himself.

My 4YO boy is a bit of a nose picker and is constantly being told off. This afternoon after getting caught again he said “it’s not my fault snot is so delicious”.


Good for him, …according to research, it really helps build a good strong immune system.


“I need it for my dancing”. 3.5yo after decorating walls, tiles, glass, mirror, laminate and herself in BRIGHT, DARK, EXPENSIVE lipstick


“Yeah, well, at least I’m not a C*** or a D***head” miss 6 in the middle of an argument with Mrs Ivan. I admired her shock and awe approach to advocacy.




LOL did she drop the full c bomb?




hmmmm, the real question/burning issue is, who was she referring to? Which of you was which?


I hadn’t actually considered that…


Ivan is a lawyer so I’m guessing it’s him.


More a thing Mr Almost 3 did rather than said as he is not particularly verbal.

I think most parents have a thing that their kids do that irrationally ■■■■■ them completely off. Well mine is that the little bastards are constantly leaning on and squashing down the clothes horses.

Anyway get a phone call at work from Mrs Ealesy to tell me that Mr Almost 3 has jumped on one of the clothes horses, body slammed and squashed it to the ground.

He hears her telling me, and knowing Daddy’s irrational love of the clothes horses, he starts trying to fix it…by blowing on it. They are obviously blow up clothes horses so when they are squashed you just blow them up again.

So he is standing there while Mum is on the phone blowing and blowing, trying to fix it, seeing him not really getting anywhere in his attempts to fix it with his blowing, his two of his older sisters come over to try and help by also blowing on it.

So when I finished the call there was Ms 7, Ms 5 and Mr Almost 3 frantically blowing on a squashed clothes horse trying to fix it, to save Mr Almost 3 from an irrational Daddy admonishment when he gets home.