Things yer little uns say



That’s very good use of NLP. Being a parent is challenging.

Sometimes, embedded commands can work well too.


Miss 4 just made myself look at her poo in the toilet and said “one is you and one is me and they love each other like we do”.



l come into this thread infrequently, but not just to be entertained. l am also interested in the language development of these kids and the thought processes involved. They continue to crack me up.


It’s OK to say no to looking at poo. Did your morbid curiosity get the best of you?


She’s very persuasive. :laughing:


I’d say always go look at the poo if requested, lest they bring it to you!



So if Santa Claus can see everything, he watches me doing a poo? - 7 year old Son getting ito the Christmas spirit


Hit them with ‘if you don’t believe, you don’t receive’ shuts them up pronto


Case in point - I’m 32 years old and I still believe in Santa Claus.


18 month old small P loves vehicles - first word was car, learned train soon after, then bus and plane.
He has now learned the word for truck.
It starts with F.
It’s always a funny reaction.


Howwwwwdy Ho!


My brother said the same word… my Parents from then on called them lorries






My parents banned toy trucks from church when my brother started that.

Our eldest used to say clock without pronouncing the L




4 yo: “When I grow up, I’m going to be Santa”.


And it ain’t because they want to give presents to people, right?