This old house


Still keeping Mums Roses pruned and looked after

the tradesman gate off ( Two gates at the front one was the tradesman entrance originally )

This is better I didn’t build this but this is what I wanted and now could pay for someone to do it.

Back to the hallway

■■■■ loads of lards and paster falling away was nearly going to remove it all but decided not too.

Was so messy

Hurley even decided to go back

Interesting wall colours

Here is most of it

so around 2017 here

Some narley cracks

Filling and sand ceilings is so much fun!! said no one ever

Filling and sanding again about 100 kgs of cornice cement


And usually, although not always, implemented to invoke sympathy from the reading public. I also invented the ‘salt’ phrase in the early threads but backfired as it ended up being used against me afterwards :joy:


Congratulations on your work. Fantastic effort.
Just found the thread and was intrigued.
You must have some great skills.
No white ants fortunately.
Good luck with the rest of it.


Thank you! Yes we don’t have the white ants (that I am aware of) in Tasmania, it was a learning curve and lots of youtube watching. But the majority is just hard yacka, as most of it was already there just needed restoring.


You’re modest as well as talented.


Well thank you kind sir!!!


I am really enjoying reading your life story/journey @AnnStBomber.

The work you have done/are doing on ‘This old house’ is amazing, truly a labour of love and it shows.

I like all the work you have done, but the veranda, wow, is beautiful.


Bit of an advanced update as more to add in-between, but Santa came late this year a colleague at work was selling his AV gear so he could upgrade, jumped on his 2 year old Yamaha RX-V681.

So Santa came late but so good!!




What a journey Ben !

Fantastic story, been scrolling through from the start for nearly two hours. You have done such a great job, totally inspired me.

Love to visit Ann Street one day.


love the floor is looks fantastic


There’s been a few whispers about white ants but nothing I’ve ever seen - there are still similar species so mind how you go.

Have you seen that commodore wagon that gets about with the massive red back in top


And mate if you see someone crushing down Ann st in a beaten up outback it’s just me having a squiz at your exterior handiwork


Found a few red backs and black house spiders, been part of the house eco system for as long as I can remember, although I think they must of retreated recently no recent siteings.


Yeah ok I was up to the hall way 2017, had done around the front door and was repairing the walls. I was doing this after coming home from work, not sure if I mentioned before but I used a lot of cornice cement to fill cracks, and the cracks were ripped apart until the lathe and plaster stopped crumbling. Nearly at this point I thought about ripping it all out and re plastering,

So running the orbital sander over every square cm, it was time to prime

Arches, skirts and picture rails obviously all removed and at least the prime coat of paint shows the imperfection, bit like painting a car, lay a coat of primer, fix the holes dents etc

Then I had to heat gun strip 8 door ways.


The house needs/ would have had ceiling roses as one was left in the bathroom and the old pantry, get to the pantry later.

So time to put them back up, well purchase them ready, lucky a guy in Launceston Plaster perfection does retros of old style ceiling roses

More filling and sanding on the walls, boring I know but wow this requires a lot of effort and mess

Paint and shellac removal

Its thick

Bit of a trick, where ceiling roses once where and you don’t need the ventilation due having a ducted reverse cycle air system, paint the underlying area matt black ( of course paint the roses before they go up ), this way it gives the illusion of the hole to the roof plus it contrasts the ceiling roses :wink:

Also have done about 4 or 5 coats of paint so easy when you can roll to the edge and no cutting in, get it on and lots of layers, Dulax Birch White.

Still have a bit of warble int he larthe and plaster but in daylight look really good!!


Lets get these ceiling roses up, not that easy, as had to retrace the wiring in the roof and brace it for support to accomadate the black wiring. Any light fitting you buy is braced from the ceiling but I needed it to hang through the rose. All good though as red goes to red and black goes to black :wink:

Cornice cement and some wet aligned screws to hold it in place

Black matt behind looks good a bit messy here, still before touch up


Finally have some front gates, went with the combo lock, actually had some back lash from some friends why don’t you want people knocking on your door, it was more for security for the furkids, so no one would leave the gate open or open it unexpectedly.

Plus for the extra security and deterrent, its ok to have to 6 foot fences but when someone is behind it who knows what they are doing, only caught out once when coming home so drunk I couldn’t key it and just jumped my neighbours fence , Shhh

House is looking nice!!


Outside under control

Gates will need more paint, plus fixing the old hinge to ty it in

and the side needs some love

kids again

Little Juno


So after all the break up and living alone and finally getting full time work again in a job it was time for me to get a new Toy had sold my AC/DC pinball :disappointed_relieved: