This old house


Nice one, man. I spotted ‘Galaga’ in Costco last week & almost impulsively bought it. I then remembered that I had to drop 3K on a puppy a few days later & walked away. :laughing:


Don’t buy that stuff a raspberry PI and an old CRT would be better, really a waste of money, spend it on the puppy!


Are you going to keep the arbor up the side? Arbors are so nice.

Learnt something new re ceiling roses, always thought they were for decoration, didn’t know re being an air vent.:slightly_smiling_face:

The house from the front looks really, really nice. Will you be painting the fence, if so, what colour?


Hey, thanks for the input, the fence will be picket, instead of faced, long picket though and maybe curved on the top edge.

Colour will be USA Antique white


That sounds great and the street appeal will be even better.

I like🙂


At this stage I get to post a song



Forgot where I was up to, oh yeah hallway so stripping all the doorways;



Before shot of the floors

Sanded big difference

Mum’s old rose garden :slight_smile:

Sleeping in the lounge room whilst the hallway floor is being done, could then use the side verandah door to get out the front and then through the garage to get to the kitchen. Had to access the bathroom through the decking window, it worked :joy:


Hallway floor done, still had to wait a few days before walking on it, best way to tell is once the smell is gone is fully cured.

bit of dust on the lens

Now to do all the door architraves and skirting boards

Lots of sanding and coating here again using danish oil,

Just looking back I don’t know where I had the energy lol

Not sure if I posted this but new side gate in

Every available space in the house became a work bench


Finished off the front gates, fence still to come, hey it still works as a fence atm.

Sanding coating also need new trim for the front door.

Starting to put it back together

One of the nine door way architraves for the hall

Front entrance door done!

Test fitting skirting boards

Hallway picture rails, one side had been removed a long time ago so had a joinery reciprocate the exact same and replaced.

Hallway coming together, quite enjoyable this part after all the hard yards you have put in before, like putting a model together, you know the parts will all fit.

Yes the floors are getting dirty!!

Putting up long picture rails by yourself

this one had to be exact before the arches went back up,

fingers crossed!!

Juno is in awe or just possessed :joy:

Door architraves going back on

Starting to feel it

Juno likes it too


huge fan of before and afters, when you’re all done i expect to see comparison picks.


Wish I took more before photo’s! The hall had white fluffy carpet, which was more a nicotine yellow when I pulled that up and the skirting boards and architraves were layered in 110 years worth of paint. I sure when I go through the old photo albums I will some, something else to do on the list!

But yes you are right will do!!


A lot of the architraves split and of course needed repairs, these little thing are time consuming.

Can someone tell me what this flower/bulb is please, Mum had planted them I continue to keep them going,

Putting it all back together, just love the craftsmanship from 110 years ago, and still fits like a glove.

A couple of more doorways done

Another happy dog with the progress

Have to sort this door

But its all go on the architraves

Haircuts needed!!

Nearly finished one side


Beer sure does help!!

Down the other side of the hallway we go!

Meanwhile the backyard was getting overgrown

Bit of a clean out

The back of the house where the new garage connects to the house, it used to go to basically nothing so incorporated the stairs to the garage. Not many 110 year old houses get access like this :wink:

Hurley’s track!!!

Just more of the back of the house

Back to the hallway


Think the red flower is an Amaryllis Bulb. It’s gorgeous.

The rose is beautiful too, love old world roses and their perfume is heavenly.


NBN all back in with a ethernet port for the garage

Coming together

Slowly getting through it all

Feels good completing a doorway

Home stretch

Time to get the last door of the hall

Meanwhile a pop bumper on the Dracula pinball machine dies,

the whole bracket broke!!

Order some parts and back to the decking door

Hello Juno lol

Door all stripped

Coat rack or bomber scarf rack ! :smiley:

Door and drop down window

Old lock from the door had new keys recut and fixed lock part in the doorway so all works now!

Onto the arches, some interesting notes on the indie of the timber

Love the cursive writing, for the Millennials, it says “Mr Clarke Mouldings for grilles”


All held by nails

Sanded and now time get some danish oil on!!

Bomberscarf rail back up!

More work on the arches ( getting tired posting these :joy:)

This was the old pantry entrance, thinking to the kitchen now

Arches up hooray!!!


Oh yes that deep red rose smells so “as you say heavenly”, was doing some gardening down the side today and the smell was just divine, just reminded me that the earth is a beautiful place.

I was telling everyone the bulbs are Hibiscus, but now googling that it not right, Amaryllis looks right thank you! :grinning:


So onto last year around January, met a girl feel in love, and felt inspired again, was all going great, so decided to get back into renovating whilst juggling work and visiting her, she liked smoking pot (I have since stopped ) hated cigs so that was good for me as I cut right down as was conscious every time I had one. She had a dog and they all got along well together lots of beach trips and fun at the parks.

So I decided it’s time to do the kitchen, back in the day Mum had taken the pantry out and made a huge laundry, really no one wants to spend time in the laundry, so time to reinstate the pantry and make it bigger, and make the laundry smaller.

Just have to keep the kitchen functionally

Yep theres the doorway :wink:

The old laundry needs relocating

One the old ceiling roses was in the original pantry

We have a door way !!


Old laundry removal

Great windows in here

Half boarded and half lathe and plaster it all ahas to go!!

Oh yeah about here the new Girlfriend texts me and says she want to break up, you are to much of a bogan, I need someone to rub my feet and buy me jewellery, blah blah, I was like what the ■■■■, tried to talk to her and she went cold.
Then unfriended me on FB then Snapchat, I was being nice back thinking she was having a moment, saw her driving to work one morning and she totally gave me the finger to point she nearly ran off the road. Had actually been heart broken about this for quite a few months because I did not understand what the ■■■■ I had done wrong, and not doubt led to my depression I had.


Forget her mate, … she’s not worthy of ya.

And, (I think it’s safe to say it now), … I never really liked her to be honest, … ::wink:


I know I tell my self that every day, just don’t understand how someone can be all and she outgoing said it Tra la la la …so much love, then just text dump you and be a cold hard ■■■■■, thanks for your words BSD, it does help :slight_smile: