Three Carltons and one Bolton farked in 49 hours 🎉 - AFL review thread (2019 round 11)


Clarke demolished Cripps. It was glorious.

Game day thread - Fark Carlton, 2019 round 11
Dons v Blues in the wet - is this an alternate universe?

Never in doubt


Solid 2nd game from Clarke, might have done enough to hold his spot for next game


Worst 40pt win ever

Would have taken a 4pt win mind you

Got the job done and a percentage booster!

Leaders in Hep, Hurls & Hooker terrific.

Big games from our young mids. Clarke been spoken of plenty, kudos! McGrath wow, didn’t think he that a 32 possession game in him. Parish another stellar game. Guelfi just gives 110% all fkn day.

TIPPA a joy to watch. What a gun!

Great win. Bring on the Hawks post bye.




Cripps tagging clarke didn’t go well…


Can’t complain too much about a weekend in which Essendon wins and Carlton, Collingwood and Hawthorn all lose.


Good to get the win
Good to beat Carlton.

But realistically we beat a team that has won 1 game for the year.


and richmond!


I’ll take it!

A hard fought win, never take these blokes for granted, could’ve been more even in the conditions if we didn’t over possess.

Rest up & hopefully get some players back after the bye.

Fark Carlton!


So? Its 4 points that we needed.


Clarke is a gun what an exciting prospect


Suck it scum you flowering bunch of flower faces


Great win by the boys. D Clarke was huge on Cripps today. Massive games by Hooker Hurley hepell Guelfi parish. Mc kenna got his touch back. Always good when Tippa kicks a few. Hopefully launching pad for the rest of the season.


Got the sense that there is a changing of the guard underway. Lots of names that have been on the list for a while now seem to be getting regular games. Good win.


Amazing what happens when you give a bloke a go


I really thought this was going to be another one of those carlscum games. Pleased it wasn’t.


Why put a negative * to the win? We had to win, we did win.


Thank FARK


7 goal win against a rival that has given us a lot of grief recently. In the wet where we are usually garbage.

Yep… they had players missing but I’d argue the quality we had out is on par with theirs.

Was it the best game we’ve played? Far from it… but this feeling beats losing.

Hoping we can get some quality players back after the ‘bye’ and back at Marvel where we have played some of our best footy this year.