Tom Mitchell


I’d feel some sympathy but it’s Hawthorn. Fark em.


Brownlow curse


I’ll be as sympathetic to them as they were when Mason Redman broke his ankle…i.e. not a jot…not a scintilla.


His last name is Mitchell, he plays for Hawthorn. He can eat a bag.


Reports?? he has broken both tibia and fibula. Thats a big injury. No wonder they say season.


Fark him


I honestly can’t remember if he actually won the Brownlow last year.


As a player and a human being playing out his dreams at the highest level for a very brief period of his lifetime I feel sorrow and compassion

But hawthorn can get fkd


Will play us whilst still on crutches, Woosha won’t tag him again and he will have 57 handballs


Nice word


Geez the hawks will be hoping they can get Scully fit now.

■■■■ luck. Would be like us losing Hepp or Zmerrett.


They could really use Dylan Shiel right about now.


Weren’t people already saying, that despite being ok with the medical, his recovery would see him well into the season. Which basically mean’t the whole year to get right fitness wise.

Don’t think he will be much help to them for this.


Yep. Word on Scully is MAYBE second half of season. He isn’t the guy that will fix this problem.


Jaeger’s knees better hold up or they are up the creek.


Ship Creek?


They are regardless. Their lack of depth is really going to bite them in the ■■■. I still question whether Jaeger is as good as everybody says he is, i don’t think i’d have him in my top 30 mids in the comp. I’ll wait until he can put together a full season to judge though.


Wingard is going to be thrown into the deep end as an almost full time mid. It’s what he wanted now it becomes a necessity


Yep, will be Wingard put in the guts full time to cover the hole.


Wingard as a fulltime mid is going to seriously weaken their forwardline.