Tom Mitchell


And there’s no guarantees he will work out as a full time mid either.


If he’s snapped the tib/fib clean in two like my son did he’ll need a steel rod. That means you can bear weight very quickly because the leg is supported by the rod and screws at each end. Getting the confidence back could take quite a while.


Hopefully they push too hard and they break him and he sues them into non-existence.


He hasn’t ever been in their forwardline though. It wont be any worse than last year. And he certainly has the talent to play in the guts full time. Will be interesting to watch it all unfold.


Yeah he’ll help. Still a pretty weak midfield though.



Their fwd line was still very effective as is last year. He is coming across with a view to be playing more midfield as per Smith to us.


How is your boy going @Hambo?


Uncomplicated breaks (not compound, not at the joint, no gangrene, no compartment syndrome) are just about the best major injury to have.
Recovery is a lot shorter, consistent and (typically) simpler than the equivalent muscle or ligament injury.


Jeez, feel terrible for the bloke. I hope it doesn’t permanently derail his career and he gets better.


I thought he played some brilliant footy at the suns.


Screw hawthorn


He’s good now, riding bikes and sailing off to the south seas with some friends in a couple of days. Lucky ■■■■■■■.


Well they still have Ploppy Plopplopulo.


Wingard can get farct

Mitchell, I can feel for.


FTFY :wink:


I wonder if its in any way similar to Nathan Brown’s broken leg. He never really recovered fully. Such a shame that the reigning brownlow medallist can’t be on the field this year & I wish him personally every bit of luck with the recovery. As for Hawthorn fans they can eat a big sack of penile flavoured lollypops.


Yep. Bluddy tough break for the bloke. Wouldn’t wish that injury on any player (currently playing) … :smirk:
Sounds virtually identical to Nathan Browns injury, … and he was never the same. so best of luck getting back to form. He’ll certainly need it.


These sort of injuries trigger terrible flashbacks, specifically Michael Long. Played the greatest final series of all time in 93, unstoppable, arguably our best player in all 4 finals, including the one we lost, had hit a peak few if any have achieved, and then did his knee in the pre-season and missed all of 94. Maybe cost us a premiership. Terrible time.
Never ever rejoice over injury, not matter who!
Karma is a fickle mistress.


With the amount of possessions Mitchell gets it’s probably the equivalent of us losing both!


Unfortunately the four years of toture I received immediately after the saga was announced has left me with little compassion for other sides.

Everyone was celebrating over that whole situation even though it was clearly affecting the mental health of players and potentially their health.

I mean they didn’t even relent when James was going through his darkest period.

I was that solemn about the whole situation that I actually lost all passion and walked away from the game for a couple of years.

Even now some of my mates still bring it up and it was 6 years ago.

Some like Nathan Buckley and a few others I have respect for but the whole industry had absolutely little compassion for anyone involved with the club.

Fark them all I say.