Tom Mitchell


Purchased a lot of risk with Scully and O’Meara based on their experience with Silk Burgoyne

Chickens come home to roost eventually


Are you serious??? Just checking. Yes or no will do.




Enjoy your schadenfreude, it’s a taste I have no wish to acquire.


Lighten up mate.

It’s a bloke that’s broken his leg.

I’m sure a good percentage of people in here have broken bones before. You survive.

Keep an eye on your instagram account midway through the year because you will probably see Tommy’s photo pop up enjoying a European summer.

He will be fine.


Thanks for putting how I feel into words. I wish I could feel more compassion for hawks but I cant. Their celebrations at our players expense and S Mitchell’s needle jab aren’t easily forgotten or forgiven


Lighten up mate? Jesus, read your previous post, mate.


I will never forget how our club was treated in the media or in public.

It was non stop for four years!

It was disgusting and I doubt anyone outside the club has any sympathy even now.




And please don’t like my posts when I’m having a go at you.


They dont. One Carlton clown on BF even said Doc Reid’s cancer was karma.


Why are you reading BF?


To read other people’s opinions.


Wish the mods could introduce a dislike function, just for my posts, so I could feel all the “love”.
Anyway, good night.


His recovery should be ok given his play style.

Outside runnnerwho looses his agility is bad, inside guy at bottom of packs he should be better placed.


What’s the details of the break? Is it both fibia and tíbia?

I reckon he will be fine if not. Not as bad as a ruptured ACL? (haven’t done either, just perception mind you)


Of course I’m sorry for Mitchell, but it couldn’t have happened to a better team.


Unfortunately it’s a stain that’ll last a very long time, maybe forever. I’m a bit with you when it comes to the other teams, they were dancing on our graves but we’re out the other side now and they’re starting to fear we might actually be good again now. It would’ve broken other clubs but we’re getting strong again.

As for Mitchell, feel sorry for him personally but Hawthorn can EAD for all I care. Fk them all!


Feel for Mitchell, but their absolute #### of a coach, #### him and that footy club can’t stand them. Remember the saga and the snide remarks from the garden gnome. Never forget. Hope the Hawthorn ■■■■■■ are hurting.


Yep, it’s nothing personal against Mitchell. But if the Hawks supporters have a sleepless night tonight then I’m farking happy about that.

A flag is on the horizon and if this country had any remorse at all for what they put our club through they would declare that all Essendon supporters can have a week off with pay to celebrate.

It’s a blight on this countries history in my opinion.