Tom Mitchell


I farking hope we smash these bastards and Dylan is bog. Hate them with an absolute passion.


I’d prefer Mosquito to be bog


I hate Carlton with a passion but this saga talk reminds me just how smug those farking hawks supporters were about the saga.

We better bury them this year.

Even more so now that Sam Mitchell is back there.


Having also suffered the same injury I feel genuine compassion for Tom.

I snapped my tib and fib when I was 14 playing indoor soccer. 23 years later and I’ve never gone in for a contested soccer kick again with my right leg. Just never got them confidence back again. Everything else is fine. Even typing this give me a fingers down the blackboard sort of sensation.

My was a clean break. Both bones snapped in half. Straight across the shin. I spent 12 weeks in plaster - the first 8 up to my hip. The entire summer - which just happened to be the year my parent decided to put a pool in. Sucked big time watching from the couch as the pool went in. Remember the rest of the family paddling in a foot of dirty water the night they start fillling it.


“Tom Mitchell has broken his leg.”

“Yeah, but remember the saga?”


Nino reminded me of the saga with his Logo talk the other day😊

It’s a very thin connection between Mitchell’s legs and the saga but one I’m happy to make😊


Yep. Go Clarkey.


More interested in the very first post in the thread, brings back magical memories :fire::fire::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


Let’s get 1 thing straight here no one is rejoicing over the Tom Mitchell injury itself, I actually feel for him. The fact most of the Hawthorn fraternity are hurting and they know there season is in farking tatters is farking glorious. Hope Sam Mitchell decides to come out of retirement so he can get that ko he so richly deserves.


They’re nicknamed “connections” now?




They’ll probably bring in some unknown rookie who will average 30 possessions a game to replace him. F… Hawthorn


Bolton, Grigg, Pickett, Meadows?


I, for one, welcome our Killer Mike overlord.


Wouldn’t wish such an injury on anyone, particularly if it’s both bones. Terrible outcome.

Hopefully hawthorn are winless this season. And next. And…


Because last time that happened it turned out well for the rest of the competition…


I don’t think you understand the meaning of that word or misunderstood what was actually written. KM never said he was deriving pleasure from Mitchell breaking his leg he said he had little compassion for other teams. There’s a big difference & its very reasonable for our supporters to have become a bit less magnanimous after the saga. Its the same story with Docherty, I’m not rejoicing that the bloke’s career has been halted but I’m not upset that they will have a weaker lineup.


I hear you brother as with you my passion for the game is now non existent. I will always support my club but the love of the game is gone.

The hate i have for the AFL is bordering on ISIS levels, but after everything that happened to our players mentally and physically I can never be comfortable in seeing a player from another club be injured.

I hate the AFL and all the other clubs and I dont watch non Essendon games anymore, and whenever I see that Karnt Gilligan I become enraged.

But we should put all our anger aside to all players as they all generally like and respect each other. We never wish injury on anyone, the players are young men seeking to fulfill their lifelong passion.

When it comes to the other clubs though, - Coaches (that turd Mitchell etc) , Management (that karnt Gordon etc), and other Clubs supporters they can all get farcked.

Never forget, Never forgive !




If your hate for the AFL is at the same level of your dislike for ISIS then you are not a well adjusted person.