Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


You were always jealous of me getting Spacey and now you’re jealous over this?


Oversized bronze statue of a jacket outside Tullamarine if we get Shiel


We are back baby!

They all want to come to us now

It’ll be like a Boxing Day sale outside the Hangar for trade period


Jacket’s the Redeemer


Covered in a silver jacket, covered in a gold jacket. 3 collars minimum!


We get 21 and Beams for pick 8.


GWS would want this years 1st round pick for Shiel.


Doesn’t matter what he does this trade period, I will be disappointed that he didn’t get Cripps and Curnow over to the bombers. Carlton’s extended suffering was my only request.


GC allready has 2 firsts and 2 seconds. They don’t need another kid. They need help off field to develop and retain the kids they have.


They need a Leigh Matthews, Kevin Sheedy or Ron Barassi to go there for a few years as senior coach.


They can have it like our 11 last year, They pounced on it and gave us a great deal, I’m sure we could work something out.

8 plus steak knives for Shiel is better than pick 14+ as compo in 2019.


Agreed if trades for both was happening

2018 1st + ?? for Shiel

2019 1st + ?? for Beams

We have other picks & experienced depth or young players still with upside to use trade wise to get those across the line.


I just don’t want to give up a 1st round pick for a 29yr old. Only way I’d be happy is if it was a Devon Smith style deal and we got a couple of decent picks back.


yeah, cant give up a first rounder for beams


If it’s essentially pick 18 after we’ve won a flag next year then it’s well worth it.

None of us will care about not having a “possible” 10yr player if we have success in next few years. From that range of draft selection could just as easily be a bust.

He’s contracted and a star of the comp. There is no way we get him without it IMO as per Gibbs.


INS Beams Shiel & Premiership


Then you won’t get Beams


I can’t imagine a better fit for us than Shiel. Maybe only Kelly.

We should throw everything at him.

Wonder if we could get something out of GC for Hartley & Colyer lol


ah well, so be it


Also, it’s pretty likely GWS would want a player in return. They have lost a serious amount of talent recently. That doesnt necessarily mean the player would have to be from essendon, but i doubt theyd settle for 1st round picks when they are close to a flag.