Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


All popped of course


Carlton need to get seasoned experienced players in more than priority picks


I’m on board the no first round for Beams train.


GWS would want picks, they have a cap squeeze at the moment and it ain’t going away. A high ish pick will keep the talent pipeline flowing for them and the cap space down.

Brisbane on the other hand will be very bad to deal with. They will want Shiel compensation for a guy who is great but has had some injury issue the last few years and is 29.

I’m thinking something like 1st 2018 Pic and 1st 2019 Pic for Sheil and their 2nd

Beams I’d go this years GWS second and a player (Hartley, Lav, Dea) somebody that is fringe.


Interesting, is this an admission or a deflection from the club


Shutdown, I’d have thought.



So many trade rumours get flung about. You don’t normally respond to them.


Just read on the EFC website we are chasing Beams! That’s awesome… He’s a jet, bring him in.


They could have at least chosen a better picture of Beams


Maybe the club doesn’t want to be associated & used to drive up his price, both in $$$ & draft terms.

I think it’s a good thing but they wouldn’t want to back flip after something like this.


Why? If we are not pursuing him why not make him look as silly as possible? Might as well get some laughs.


But if one was baseless but getting in the way of other discussions you wish to advance …


Yeah that was my thought. Deny this so managers don’t think your salary cap is going to be tied up.

But you would think Dodorro can just tell player managers that.

But as usual best not to analyse things to death.




Does not compute.


Message to the Shiel camp.


Are you saying the club doesn’t know how to use computers?

FMD no wonder we are hopeless and haven’t won a final in 15 years. Sack everyone and put in some ruthless people. This is the last straw!!


Does Connors manage both of them?



Club responds to Beams speculation

Essendon Football Club wishes to clarify media reports relating to Brisbane Lions midfielder Dayne Beams.

The club has not made any contact with Beams, his management or the Brisbane Lions about a trade to Essendon.

Essendon GM of List and Recruiting Adrian Dodoro confirmed the recent reports were incorrect.

“As we do every year, as a club, we will look to improve our list via the trade, free agency and draft periods,” Dodoro said on Thursday.

“Dayne Beams is obviously a quality player and person, but he is not someone we are actively pursuing and we have not approached him or his management about returning to Melbourne.”