Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!




Get Shiel done first.

Then see what else can be shaken out of tree.


For those suggesting we trade away all first rounders for 2018 and 2019, please stop.

We cannot do it within the rules.

You’re just signalling that you don’t have a clue.


“We are NOT chasing Beams. Hey, look over there”

runs off and chases Beams



I thought you couldn’t trade 2 consecutive future years? Last year we traded a current year so this year we can trade a future first?


Tell everyone you’re sharing Beams, swoop in and get shiel.

Just out of curiosity, where has this talk about Shiel come from? Has something been posted on here about it? All I read was that we are one of about 6 clubs (most likely 16) looking at him


What about next years 1st?

Then we finish top 4 and it’s like pick 14-20?


We can do it within the rules. I don’t think we should, but we can.


Someone said you can only a few days ago but would prevent you from trading future picks until you take a first round pick? Sorry I couldn’t find the post.


So you’re saying we’re gonna get Shiel?


But as for returning to Essendon :wink:


I think we might start seeing more of this - pouring water on rumours that are not true.

I think clubs want to be seen as being respectful to one another so if a totally off the mark rumour is put about clubs will come and and call it for what it is.

It also reduces expectations by EFC fans.


I like the Shiel idea but why is he so important as some suggest?
He’s a burst midfielder like Zerrett and requires a qtr of time on the bench.
He doesn’t rack up huge numbers in disposal or clearances. He also doesn’t kick many goals.


Except Norf.


Agree. Here is the statement we released last year regarding Dusty -

“Essendon Football Club can categorically confirm that no offer has been made to Dustin Martin or his management and reports suggesting otherwise are unfounded”

Fair to say based on history we can rule out going for Beams.


There not rumours.

North is chasing everyone they just can’t close the deal.


Follow up: here’s the latest article I can find on it (I assume the AFL site is getting good info). The relevant quote is

The AFL this week confirmed to that unless a club has acquired two first-round picks between 2015-2018, it cannot trade away its first-round selection for 2019.

So, the rule is that if you haven’t had 2 first round picks in the previous 4 years, you cannot trade first round picks (not what the AFL originally said, but whatever). We have 2015 and 2016, so we’re all good to trade our 18/19 1st this year. In 2019 and 2020 we wouldn’t be able to trade our 2020 1st, unless we dug up another 1st from somewhere else.


Don’t worry, Sheeds has got the fax machine all fired up and ready to go. Nothing can stop us!


Last year he averaged 26 disposals a game, was fourth in the league for total clearances and second in total centre clearances. He is a fantastic footballer and would make us a much better team.