Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Only reason the club would put out a statement is for the rest of the industry. It makes it clear to all players, clubs and managers that Essendon is hunting for a quality player and is not locked into Beams.

If key individuals thought Beams was a lock, it might prevent other trade discussions.


i find it incredibly hard to believe that the managers of AFL players get their news rumors on SEN/ Bigfooty/ Hack journlaists… surely they all have each others numbers and can just phone them to seek clarification?


“Quality player and person

Hmm how well do you know him Jackets?


Certainly if I had to characterise player managers it would be “transparent and honest”.




He offers something we don’t have enough of. A midfielder that can spread from a stoppage with pace and kick it properly.

We have guys that can win the stoppage but generally they are poor kicks and slow.

Imo it’s the biggest hole in our list, Mids with pace that can kick.

Also disagree that Zerrett is a burst Mid, imo he’s a worker but is generally a very good kick.


Isn’t Sheil an inside mid, who along with Ward who wins the clearance and gives it to Kelly, Whitfield, Coniglio and Scully who are the guys that offer the spread?


He does both and Coniglio is usually tagging, although racking up plenty of the ball himself.

Most midfields are rotation based so they run many different combos through there depending on various factors.


I know they are rotation based.

But isn’t Sheil an upgrade on Myers, being primarily a clearance player. Not an outside spread and delivery player like Zaka or Colyer.


That would depend on how we wanted to play him.

I don’t believe we have seen anything yet that suggests Worsfold doesn’t want Myers to continue on as a clearance mid, so i’m assuming Shiel as being one of the guys who can fill the spread and deliver role and his kicking is superior to most of our guys.


if he wanted to and so did gws I don’t know why you wouldn’t.

over the last 10 week where we have played well he has looked average or below average. he has lost a yard and his decision making, disposal and positioning have all declined. he has peaked and will play on for another 2 or 3 years. Francis and Ridley look like they should be able to cover his output this year for the foreseeable future which would mean there is no loss in the back half.

Sheil has 3 to 4 years of elite football ahead of him, then another couple of serviceable years. this would improve our midfield, arguably to a point where it is one of the best on the league.

retaining our 1st rounder this year explains itself.

to me, we don’t lose out on this deal and actually improve our list


I think his clearance numbers were up because of the absence of Coniglio last year but it does prove given the opportunity he can win it in the contest. Good enough argument for me.


When it’s done in public like that, there’s an obscure reason - probably Connors-related. Public, means ‘perception’ (perceived value). Since this rumour was neutral - neither positive nor negative, the only purpose of a public announcement would be for market reasons.


Since when? This thread will be 50/50 between Beams and Shiel



Nino still wants Wallis.


I still want Patton


i can’t wait to see beams training in essendon gear on the MARVEL STADIUM sized oval.


Riolio still wants B Green


What about Shiel training In superhero underwear?



North Melbourne Football Club wishes to clarify media reports relating to Brisbane Lions midfielder Dayne Beams.

The club has not made any contact with Beams, his management or the Brisbane Lions about a trade to North.

North List and Recruiting part-timer Graeme Allan confirmed the recent reports were incorrect.

“As we do every year, as a club, we try desperately to improve our mediocre list via the trade, free agency and draft periods,” Allan said on Thursday.

“Dayne Beams is obviously a quality player and person which doesn’t make him a natural fit at North. But he is not someone we are actively pursuing and we have not approached him or his management about returning to Melbourne.

“Of course it doesn’t mean we won’t approach him if Gaff, Shiel, Mitch McGovern, Hall, Lynch, Hanneberry, Hartley, Laverde, Fasolo, Sam Collins and Nick Hind continue to refuse to call us back.

“We believe the fact you can’t play pokies at the club and our close proximity to a train station are major drawcards for players looking for a new start.”