Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Screenshot taken and filed.


And emailed to Dodoro.


Well he did train with Manchester United :rofl:


Some statistics of interest, the top data is based on AFL rankings (i.e Jaryd Lyons ranked 2nd in the AFL this season for Average Clearances)

I know where my focus would be based on this…


Is Essendon’s default position these days to respond to every single thing speculated on by the media? Seems to be that way. I can’t for the life of me work out why this needed any comment whatsoever…


But clearances are no longer our biggest weakness plus you could make an argument to say clearances are no longer as important as they used to be.

The Giants lead clearances with 40.6 and we are 37.0. If i remember correctly we are second in clearances since the Carlton game or at least were at some stage.

Plus stats can also be misleading, especially depending on the style of game you play.


Clearances will have more importance next year. No longer will you have a spare unless you move a winger to the back of square. However if that’s the case and opposition wins the clearance they have a spare wingman that can send it deep into fwd 50. I know that’s just for centre clearances but next year will be more so a territory game influenced by clearances and the midfield.


Against the top sides we are getting beaten in the clearances.

IMO if we bring in Shiel, I’d like Merrett to spend more time on the outside. We need his pace and foot skills more than his contested work.


Lyons, Miller and Beams all rank ahead of Shiel for Clearances both total and average - Centre and Stoppage


And you know what. I don’t care.


But on pace and power he’d be ahead of them

Lyons keeps being dropped so obviously not doing something right


Shiel’s just a very good midfielder. He’s played more inside some years, more outside some years, can get clearances, can kick, can spread, can do all the football things. I know we’re used to having midfielders who can only do this or only do that, but you could put Shiel anywhere and he’d do it very well.


So does David Myers…


Aceman do you have anything? You had good mail last year! How we go in 2019 will be decided in the trade period. We just need a couple of the missing pieces like the Tigers got a couple of years back.


Good player that Myers!


Not really and of course clearances aren’t everything…


Throw the kitchen sink at Seb Ross, get him in.


They aren’t but when people call fall that “inside midfield bull” then that puts a different spin…


Hi Beams


look who crawled out of their cave