Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


You cold?


Not worth anywhere near a kitchen sink.

Maybe a draining rack, plus maybe one of those bottle brushes. Not sure what the steak knives would be.


I don’t understand how ‘average’ is used in that table.


What’s the age difference between the two?


It is their ranking. So Beams is ranked 41st for average contested possessions.


Ranking not tally. I’d take 80 plus clearances a week from Wallis if that was the case.


Wouldn’t even throw the plumbers crack at him


Makes Lyons look like a superman, though.
Is that league-wide? He’s a clearance machine!


There must be something we simply don’t know about Lyons. He was clearly a very good player for the Crows in 2016 playing 20 games & averaging over 21 disposals as a half forward/mid. Next minute they lowball him & he wants out. I thought we were mad not to go after him & was shocked he only netted pick 43 & a late swap. Then his 2017 for the suns was excellent & he looked to be one of their best players. 12 months later he still seems to be playing well but the perception is that he’s out of favour. What are we missing? His footy looks good, his stats are solid - was he actually dropped or injured? Does he have attitude issues or just not happy on the coast?


I feel like both he and Hall suffering as they are not good enough as being the main mids to any team. They need better players around them.

But with Ablett gone (and in Halls case - Prestia as well) I suspect it’s all fallen on them and then they copping the heat accordingly as they are the senior experienced players.


I guess i hold Hurley in much higher regard and put him in the “untradeable” basket


He has Watson blood coursing through his veins.


What about if the GC match the Lynch offer, and can’t get a suitable trade. Lynch goes to the Draft and Carlton. GC have plenty of draft picks this year.

Next year GC get a ‘priority pick’ directly after their first draft pick.

The AFL deflects the ‘free agents always go to high clubs’ sect, GC sends a message to players and clubs and still gets a high draft pick only a year later.

Though getting picks 2 and 3 and taking the twins might also appeal.


It’s possible but not probable. I really think that the AFL will give them pick 3 as compensation for Lynch and a priority pick at the end of the first round. There’s no way the AFL allows Lynch to leave without GC getting pick 3 IMO.


Hall & Polec both going to NM so the jungle drums say.


Unless they had a quality player wanting a trade in, why not wait a year. They also get around having to give Carlton more priority picks, because they got Lynch for nothing.


They deserve pick 3 for Lynch. The issue is pick 3 will be at a different club in 2 years.


Good ins.

They had their inside mid division sorted. Needed more outside run and footskills.

Really the kind of players they should have been targeting. Big paydays for those two coming up, far more than they’d have got normally.


That’s the problem though, nobody wants to go there which is why Ablett deal took so long. They tried to get established players from Geelong & cats even tried to involve a third team but the only willing participant was George Horlin Smith but GC didn’t want him.


To be fair Lynch and Ablett did a quite a few years there.

I just think they need to get their welfare stuff right, in much the same way the Lions have done this year. I am undecided if part of this is attacking the Sandringham boys early in the draft and hoping they embrace the club together or taking a few kids this year and next (thus moving the priority pick to next year), throwing a life line to a couple of delisted free agents and perhaps players on the edge of their clubs. Facilities have improved since last year. Coach is in place.