Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Well it was only 2 days OK that many people on Blitz were bagging the club for poor communication.

In reality I think its the Clubs telling the media to “stop making ■■■■ up” or we are going to call you on it to make you look like the farkwits that you are.


Steak knives with Jerrett?


Interesting statement. It was carefully crafted, didn’t say ‘we aren’t interested’ but said ‘we aren’t actively pursuing’ which is very different to I’m not interested.


Perhaps we should release a statement every day for the next 45 days (or however long it is till draft time) mentioning a player that we’re not actively pursuing…


Is that on average games played?


Average results for all stoppage metrics over all games played this year.


Means something, but not paying too high a price.


So the next stat u need is which clearances resulted in goals and which clearances resulted in turnovers.


Sure let me just go to my stat library…


I mentioned last night, about our depth players.

McKernan, Brown and Hartley might be offered a 3 year deal and regular game time if they went to the Gold Coast.

All three of them can’t play each week. McKernan might have forced his way into the best 22. IMO Brown and Hartley’s days are number at Essendon (likely at the end of 2019). If they want to extend their AFL career it’s an option.


I ask this because Giants are near a finals berth because Shiel clears the ball from a stoppage and probably has a high percentage for assisting in a goal and low turnover percentage.
Whereas those other players you mentioned play for teams nowhere near a finals appearance.


Shiel ranks as Elite in Goal Assists. The only other stat he ranks Elite in is behinds!


Behinds can win against a scoreless team.
Goals and behinds win a game.


Agreed. I actually think the soft cap on department spending hurts the non football states most because they need extra support for a playing list that predominantly comes from out of that state. There’s such a big focus on mental health and the like these days, being a young man leaving home early, toiling away in state leagues on minimum chips is a tough grind and likely what some of the recent GC draftees (and Brisbane of a few years ago) are experiencing. GWS have had a decent record with this though and probably says a lot about experienced football people (Sheedy, Choco, Gubby Allan & a senior core of players) being there to start that club as opposed to a bunch of first timers like at GC. There’s no doubt that GC need to spend up on support staff to assist their playing list to build a culture draftees want to be a part of and experienced players see a future at.


He is staying in GWS.


Support staff is a necessity to keep the motivation that it’s the best place to be but they can go further than just that. Can’t they invest in an apartment complex? Cheaper living would help as would future career opportunities with trade and bachelor degrees. All clubs push that but there must be a more lucrative.


I think the Beams thing is a ruse to simply get on his and his managers radar.

Sure we haven’t approached him.

Through the media we now have…

Dodoro layed on the compliments awful generously for a guy we supposedly haven’t been interested in.


Yeah, why pick up a phone and call his manager when we could just take the more direct route and release a press statement in which we make a generous statement about him? Sounds solid.


Considering we’ve had a crack at opposition clubs for publicly announcing that they’re interested in our players, who are under contract (cough Melbourne cough).

It would be hypocritical for us to be announcing we’re interested in a player from another club. In fact, we have never publicly stated an interest in opposition players until it’s trade week or the actual trade is completed.


do the Shiel diel