Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Where’s Beams?


Perfect! Will feel right at home with us.


We’d go back to back to back to back…Dont think the comp is ready


Does anyone else think it would be a good idea trying to pull Charlie Cinstable out of Geelong?. The bloke is still not to be getting a debut this year with great numbers in the 2’s. Big body midfield who is clean by foot.


Bit hard being OS but I mentioned a week or so back that before I left I was told by a player agent they we were very heavily into Shiel still despite him coming out at the time and saying he was happy at GWS.


Other Blitzers have probably posted this already…anyway…

I feel the best explanation for the Beams statement is that…we are currently trying to convince another inside mid to come to the Bombers.

Therefore, we put out the Beams denial to assure our real target that there will be the promised midfield time with us.


My assumption is that we want Beams to initiate the trade. If we show interest Brisbane will ask for overs.


Well just draft no trades


Pink kicked a huge 70m behind to win a GF for Glenelg.


Constable. Do we get many X Sandringham players?


I think we’ll just miss out on Beams and Shiel.
We’ll end up settling for Claye Beams and Liam Shiels.
We’ll probably miss out on Wallis as well and settle with Robert Walls as an assistant coach.

No inside info on the above though.


100% worth chasing bloke is a gun


FWIW I think Wallis will stay at Dogs. Another free agent is a possibility though.


Lyons and Hall are not players that Dew will play unless they adapt. He wants all mids to be accountable and has implored that since day 1. Barlow, whilst older, is also a bit of a casualty here. He could arguably win more games by playing them but is true to his word and teaching the younger mids that if there is a lack of two way running he doesn’t care how often you get the ball.
If coaches put out strong non negotiable messages and players don’t adapt they have to be strong at selection and Dew is.


Big fish? Small fish?




Geelong are all over him


There is not many left that realistically would suit us / worth chasing

Gaff & Dahlhouse are it IMO


Yeah Boot said that a few posts ago. (without narrowing it down to inside mid.)


Yeah but it bounced about 30m because the opposition didn’t man the goal line, I guess they didn’t think he would make it. Silly play made him look like a star. From what I’ve seen of him live, he doesn’t do enough good things. He just kind of blends in and let’s his better team mates do the hard stuff.