Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Especially if it’s pie night.


I’d like it to get to the point where we get that many exceptional players and wins it’s impossible for the AFL to interfere with us anymore, and to the point where Gil is begging to sit down for a cup of tea with Worsfold.
Wed tell him to ■■■■ of off course.


Dodoro Shielding us from future pain.


Maybe we should get Devon and Stewart to have a little chat to him.


Dodoro will have a statue next to Longy if he pulls this off.


Ok - Baker Was A Star and I saw Jackets at the High Mark Members Club pre game last night:

  • The Beams message on the club website was a loud and clear message to our targets that we are still in for them and not Beams. We don’t want them to get the wrong idea

  • Said that he thought we are still to see the best from Stringer and Smith and that there is plenty of upside

  • Said that there is a huge amount of effort in drafts and trading these days and confident on our approach

After the High Mark address I spoke with Jackets (know him via kids and the club).

Told him he was "shifty"with his Beams message and we had a laugh.

I said ÿou must be getting smashed at the moment"- and his response was “there’s a lot of s**t going on at the moment (smile)”

I said “lots”"? and his response was:

“we are up to our eyeballs in a couple of pretty good things - hang on for the ride!”

“we’re having a bïg crack - see what happens!”

Obviously he wasn’t going to give away who but he was pretty upbeat about it…







Heard the same.

Though heard he was going to Carlton.


Unless they part with their number 1 pick I doubt he will go there. If he doesn’t care if he goes to us and Carlton then Carlton will have to hand it over because we’ll certainly hand over ours.

Of course though, the AFL will give carlton a PP if this was to happen and give them pick 2


Wallis will re-sign with the dogs. It’s fairly close I’m being told.


Can he do that too?


I didn’t think it could get much better than last year!

If we add and it’s a big if, both Shiel and Beams to our midfield then we are in contention right away!


Carlton will keep coming up as he barracked for them as a kid. I mentioned in a way earlier post in this thread that I met him via John Quinn in Sydney when John was at GWS (early years for Dylan) and he was BIG on the Blues even then. Joked with him that we’d welcome him at EFC with open arms and he said he wouldn’t touch Essendon with a barge pole! Albeit a while ago though…


Was that pre-Asaga or during?


Trade Targets- The Shielquel


This thread needs more Jack Martin


So you want to hear we have jack of getting martin?




Careful. The end of this path of logic (looking only at history) is Carlton being a destination club.