Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Of course it’s not how it works.

And of course you can. So can I.


The first in series of short podcasts.


I was just taking pizz


Apparently Tom Browne reporting Shiel being offered - $1.3m x 7 from St Kilda

Surely pisstake

Levels of desperation from North & St Kilda and amusing nonetheless.

Adding that to the $800k x 5 for Hannebury


Probs not. Still won’t go there.


Everyday Tom Browne keeps upping the amount being offered.


If that’s true it’s almost impossible to turn down.


Can Tom Browne be banned from blitz please?




Yeah possibly although I did read something Browne wrote about it yesterday and I got the distinct impression he was making up the numbers based on his opinion of Shiel’s worth.


Obviously Barrett is reading BLITZ. and getting his rumours I know as much up here in Dubbo as he knows.

I reckon my sources are better than his too.


Tom Browne:


Tom brownes fool days


Connors 100% using his mouthpiece to run up the price. Latest nunber is laughable though.


TBF to him, that’s his job, he has to be made to look like h has something to offer during news reports.


No, no pisstake.

As I posted a couple of days ago, Carlton had been told by Shiel (or at least his manager) that he was not their preferred destination

Carlton also believe Shiel’s preference is to stay AND that the Saints had tabled a 1M+/year offer.

All Browne is doing is confirming the last point.

Info comes from a work colleague whose best mate - who he talks to almost daily - is very highly placed at Carlton.


Somebody tell Paul that we’ve moved on, Shiel was soo yesterday’s play thing. Now we’re all aboard the Parker express.


Gonna need a Parker when it farking rains goals next yr!!


To be fair? Be farked with you!! The guy is an outright fraud, not a boil on a journalist’s a r s e.
It’s back to the old days of The Truth, where they used to legitimately sit in a bar all afternoon and cook up the most outrageous stories they could dream of.
At least those guys were honest about their dishonesty…


So…I hear you’re after The Truth