Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


I believe Nixon 2000%

Why? Because that’s just what Blitz has done to me


Mate of mine used to live in Port Melbourne. That’s Nixon’s neck of the woods. He said one day whilst driving to work at about 6AM he nearly ran over a pedestrian. It was Ricky, absolutely dialled off his head. I’d take zero notice of anything he has to say…


Only reason I’d be happy to get Wingard would be the Port melts. otherwise it’s a no from me. He goes missing in big games and seems to play for himself rather than the team. Plus his price tag both in wages and trade cost would be astronomical.



CHAD lairising around at half forward after i’ve called him a squib for 7 years



I agree. We need a gun mid over a forward.


It’s funny you should say that, because my more reliable sources say that he has been hitting the turps, has a dodgy groin, a bung eye and flat feet.


This party’s [email protected]


So we’re into Wingard … I hope we offer Port a late first rounder and Adam Cooney.


What would upcooneyfarkport think of that trade!


Surely a smokescreen, do we really need his type?


I wouldn’t think so. Not really a fan of his.


Wingard is a serious talent, but you’d want to be 100% sure his heart was in it.
And you wouldn’t pay what port would want. You’d have to beat the price down.


I thought Wingard only wanted to play in SA?


Wingard is a restricted FA at end 2019.

I would personally be comfortable offering:

  • Our first rounder (after the Polec trade, that would give Port three picks in a row, and there is value in that)
  • Houlahan (probably would like to be close to home?)

But I expect them to respond that it is nowhere near enough.




That would be the biggest problem I can see (other than the fact he is lazy and goes missing). Anyone considering him would be hoping for a bargain (relatively speaking) as his last 2 seasons have been mediocre. But you can bet Port would want the world for him.


LOL. Now we are going for FIGJAM Wingard?

Are we sure that the Ron Kirwan War Room doesn’t just contain one huge roulette table with AFL players’ names in place of numbers?


To be honest, I’d be rapt if we ended up with Gaff as a FA and then continued to add more top end talent via the draft.

If it’s Shiel vs Gaff + two first rounders, then I’d prefer the latter. Especially when one of those first rounders is a top 10 pick in a strong draft.


I’m fine taking picks to the draft, if that’s the way it works out.