Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!




Could you imagine the poor ■■■■■■■ team playing an Essendon side on the day Daniher, McKernan, Stringer and Wingard all decide to have one of there monster games where they’re clunking and sinking them from everywhere…






you feel like you’re riding a wave?


Wingard is fkg exciting. He goes missing, but geez his best is electrifying and wins games off his own boot. You’d back us to get the best out of him. Wingard, tippa, joe, raz and stringer in the same forward line/team is deadset mouthwatering


As I said before, I’d have to backflip so hard. But I rip on him because he seems lazy in a lazy team.

He’s a quality player though, and in a system that played hard footy, he’d be a gun. He’d be a superstar for richmond right now, or hawthorn of the past few years.

And he plays his best footy in the midfield.


As much as I’d love to have a top 10 pick I also don’t want us to merely tread water next year and I still maintain our current list isn’t good enough to seriously challenge


A few years ago I remember thinking Stringer and Wingard, I wish we had exciting players like that. Well we now have Fantasia, Stringer, Tippa, Daniher. I would love to add Wingard to that list. Thought he loved SA thou.?


Wingard vs Billings, what is the consensus?


billings 100% don’t @ me.




Wingard. It’s not even a contest


Hope Wingard nominates is.

I would offer port a mars bar and a packet of chips for Wingard.

Not cause I don’t rate Wingard but because we owe those carnts a couple.


It’s an interesting comparison. Wingard a lot more contested possessions and clearances than Billings this year being the stand out statistical difference over a year when Billings has been considered pretty ordinary.

That and Billings being 2 years younger.

Would be interesting to know what price we’d need to pay for each.


I guess the question is whether we need a flaky half forward who can go through the middle on general. And if so do we want a more outside/wing or more of a clearance type.

Would question either of them, but also both are players that we’d have wanted badly a couple of years back.


If we traded in perfectly this year, we have a potential open window from next year. If we go pure draft instead, and trade sparsely, we delay that window but perhaps extend it. Lots of ‘ifs’


Hmmm, against Essendon in round 23 Wingard has his best midfield game of the year with 32 possessions(the most of any player on the ground), 3 tackles, 6 clearances and 7 inside 50’s.


If the Swans get anything inside pick 40 for Rohan I’ll lose it. Hartung is a better player and he’s been delisted twice.


Wingard wants to play more midfield and is at Loggerheads with Ports coaching staff over it. He whines a bit on field but is a pretty good bloke off the field for a Port flog. There is something definitely going on behind the scenes as several Port people I know reckon he hasn’t seemed totally interested for awhile. There was even suggestions that it may be his partner itching for the move but who knows. He is very close to his family over here so just can’t imagine him leaving unless Port are putting the hard word on him to re-sign ASAP