Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


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Wingard wants to play more midfield and is at Loggerheads with Ports coaching staff over it. He whines a bit on field but is a pretty good bloke off the field for a Port flog. There is something definitely going on behind the scenes as several Port people I know reckon he hasn’t seemed totally interested for awhile. There was even suggestions that it may be his partner itching for the move but who knows. He is very close to his family over here so just can’t imagine him leaving unless Port are putting the hard word on him to re-sign ASAP

How much would port be wanting? Can’t see them letting him go, although I would’ve said the same about Stringer too.


When I used to work in Port Melbourne (finished about a year ago and was there about 2 years)I’d often go for walks down Bay St at lunch time and often saw Nixon.

On at least one occasion saw him in deep conversation with Dodoro.

I’m sure Dodoro is not the only List Manager he knows and speaks to but, if he has a legit sauce, that may be it.


Only contracted for next year so the club might be scared they lose him for nothing next year.
They would want a first this year and then haggle over a second I’d imagine.
I’d love to screw them over but I’m not sure he is exactly what we need and I’d be very surprised if he left Adelaide


If Wingards heart and mind are truly focused he could be a legit star of the comp

We also need more players with rubbish Tatts



Wasn’t there talk that Hawthorn were right into him a few weeks ago?


Wingard spent the majority of the last 3 months in the midfield and was great.

Perhaps Port are desperate to get Rankine.


Fark you Blitz for getting me excited about another player we probably won’t get.


Inside Mid & Strength around the contest (Upgrade on Myers) for goodness sake - Wingard or Billings are surely not what we need right now


Half Wingards touches were 1 metre unnecessary handballs, stats look pretty but had no influence.


Setterfield and GWS first pick for Essendons first and 2nd.
Wingard for the GWS first we receive back.


And Smack

Fans through zeeee gates!


Exactly. Wingard is awesome

He does not go missing in big games. He steps up for the occasion.

The reason people think he comes in and out of games is because Hinkley throws him all over the place.

When he plays midfield proper he dominates.

Check out the 2nd half of the year. Absolute jet.


Myers and Colyer both played when fit. Which one do you think we need upgrade more?


Last 12 games Wingard averaged

Over 5 tackles per game
12 contested possessions
5 clearances
103 champion data points when Port where ■■■■

If you think he is soft or a squib you don’t watch closely enough. Those stats actually show he’d be one of our best inside players. He is exceptionally good in the contest.


I just feel like we need a bit of extra grunt in the midfield, someone to get there head in and under as well as distribute the ball well to the likes of zerrett, zarahakis, mcgrath, raz in the midfield. Myers has been great this year but I think a pure inside mid would do us wonders. Colyer is trickey, has is moments but I don’t think he is a set in stone in our starting 22.


Fuaaaark the thought of wingard gets me far too excited

I’ve loved him ever since he was drafted. He is a gun. And he wears LONG SLEEVES


I know WOB. I’m right there with you.


Wingard was a gun inside mid in his draft year, genuine star and I’d be wrapped to get him.

Don’t see him leaving SA though


and Dimma?


Anyone else thinking of what Wingard could produce on Anzac Day.