Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Myers was our highest (by average) clearance player this year, at 4.88, (Heppell 4.86). In the last 12 games playing more midfield Wingard averaged more clearances per game 5


Even better … the indigenous round game.


This is pretty much a Smith situation

Gets played fwd a lot. Wants to play mid moreso.

Undervalued at current club at present

He’s a bit of a kn0b but so was/is Stringer

If the price is right bring him in


We are due to fark Port over


Want. Shiel, Wingard


They went 6-6, he had no impact although his output increased. That’s the negative.

Edit- you can blame the team, I don’t think we’d pay overs for him. He’s not going to change games individually, he’s not at that level.


Outplayed Wines and Gray in last 3 months.

Isn’t a downhill skiier

And that is a negative???


Unless they’d have gone 4-8 without him


Wingard would be a gun at Essendon.


Down hill skier and getting touches in a losing team are the same. No influence.


If this is your assessment of Wingard you either haven’t watched him or don’t watch football good.

Patty Cripps must not influence games either hey…


I have learned a new word today, and it’s instantly one of my favourites. Thank you.


I watch enough to know he’s inconsistent and doesn’t impact enough to be a top 5 player at our club. He’s a different sized Stringer.
I think Dodo will offer what he’s worth and won’t go over the top to bring him in.


You’ve gone from “no influence” to “not a top 5 player”…

That’s a fair change in stance.


Look at Wingard as an upgrade on Green and tell me you wouldn’t want him. Fuuaark


Simmo clearly younger than I’d assumed


Don’t be potting Stringer


Nah, you’re describing the media’s system.


Wingard kicks the ball beautifully, worth looking at just for his skill.


If we still have pick #8 and Gaff nominates us, I bet WCE match. If Gaff does nominate us, we need to have traded #8 out already for something if we want to maximise the freebie we get via FA.


Port was keen on Jackson Merrett last year ha!

They can have the GWS 2nd we have and Jerrett.

Sarcastica font on

But seriously … fark them!