Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Pick 17 & 37 seems about right hey Kochie




I don’t reckon he’d be played as a pure mid. He’d rotate forward just like Smith does, too good around goals to not be utilized in that fashion. He’d have to embrace that flexibility with us as well because it’s one of his greatest strengths. If you think he can drift out of games as a consequence of getting shifted around, which you intimated earlier, what’s to say he’s not going to have the same issues for us? And yes, I am assuming he’d be used in a similar fashion to that which he’s used by, based on the mix of players we already have.


If Wingard played all year in the midfield (Instead if the last 12 games) he would have been in the All Australian squad of 40.

Then we’d all be talking about an AA level mid and people would think differently.


Yes… But we’re not talking about an AA mid.


Yeah. But because Port are farked Kenny would play Wingard or Gray one out in the square. Easy to disappear.

We never play Raz like that.


Like someone said before. Same as Smith. Now look at him.


Still not an AA Mid


Raz is a great comparison…
Plays forward and pushes up the ground to provide link up, starts off the back of the square/stoppage to provide overlap from behind. Rarely if ever though actually plays on the inside of a stoppage or starts in the centre square. This is based on watching us, I’d be keen to see centre square attendance numbers to either debunk or validate this.
I can totally see Wingard playing that role but is that the role that you think will suit him, because I don’t see it as a role that spends time on the inside of the clearance.




You literally said look at Smith. Smith is still not an all Australian mid…


Yeah Wingard was Ports best inside mid this year when he played there. Better than Wines, better than Gray.

Plays high minutes as well.


Was talking about the 40 AA squad. I see the confusion.

Nobody would have guessed Smith was AA squad level mid. But he was.

So is Wingard.


Interested to see how this plays out. Always seen him as gun half forward flank type who can push into the midfield for bursts as an impact type player. The numbers certainly suggest he can do this and it can be a very effective role, es evidence by Smith and Stringer (who leads the club for starting centre clearance goals when he goes in there).

He’d compliment what we have very well and I don’t necessarily subscribe to the notion that we’re still crying out for a big inside contested bull.

We’d be paying for him that’s for sure, trade value would be similar to Parker/Shiel. Perhaps slightly less, 1st and 2nd territory for sure.

Despite the desire around here to “■■■■ port over”, we’re not getting him out of there (assuming he even wants to be traded which would be a huge backflip on what he was tweeting the other week) for anything less than full tote.


Parker has played more games so I’m not wrong in saying that.


Parker averages 21 games/year across his career. Shiel 19. Durability concerns over Shiel are a myth.


This is all Ricky Nixons fault.


blowing with the Wingard of change


It’s fair to say we are making a play for everyone, and hoping like hell (like last year) a number of players nominate us.


I’m still waiting for Stringer to nominate us. I’m starting to think he never will.